Saturday, December 13, 2008

Note about Regenerate

We're in the home stretch with "Regenerate." If you're in Austin on New Year's Eve, come check us out at Triangle Island just north of the 1st St. bridge. We'll be building the installation starting at 3pm and the more people that show up to add their hope and uplifting energy to the piece, the greater its chance of impact will be.

If you're not in Austin you can still participate! Head to for more information and the chance to submit your own "butterfly prayer" to us online. All prayers received through the website will also be worked into the installation, and hopefully we'll be getting them from all over the world.

Please pass word of this project on to your friends and family. Let's make this project as magical, huge, and far-reaching as it can possibly be!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

101 Things I am Thankful For (in stream of consciousness order)

(This was supposed to be posted on Thanksgiving...)

1. My family and friends, especially the ones I fail to mention in the coming list.
2. Travis & another year we've been able to spend together (in this one we got married!).
3. Everybody involved in the creation of our wedding.
4. Our wedding, the greatest wedding in history.
5. - for selling LOST bumper stickers
6. Glen Hansard, The Frames, and the song "Fitzcarraldo"
7. PJ Harvey's "White Chalk"
8. Discovering Noe Venable's "Eurydice"
9. The way I-tunes lets you rediscover music you forgot you ever added to your library
10. Sansa and her new-found need to sit on my lap when no one is around to accuse her of liking a person
11. David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
12. Certain former professors who have unending senses of humor that apparently cover drunken middle of the night bachelor party phone calls
13. The fact that my friends and family listened to my request for a low-key, small bachelorette party
14. Costa Rica. So beautiful and so filled with monkeys.
15. The Alamo Drafthouse, without which I probably would never have seen "Repo! The Genetic Opera"
16. Everyone who has tipped us off on our search for a new apartment
17. My job. Seriously.
18. Ophelia - even the crazy ridiculous part - because it was one of my top five shows and theatre-experiences ever.
19. Friends who are, at least for now, interested in creating a thriving, local art scene.
20. Riding that fine line between stupidity and bravery, which allows me to try dumb things that I should be scared of but which also add adventure to my life
21. Cross my fingers, knock on wood, but feeling possibly happy for once
22. The internet and how it continues to revolutionize art and communications
23. First Night Austin
24. Twigs and branches
25. Sarah Mosher, for committing to a shared vision in Transformations & creating original work with me
26. Dr. Desimone, for a challenge that was sorely needed and which has also made me a better designer, artist, and person
27. Christmas with Travis in Austin - we're taking a trip home this year, but the best part is still the part we spend together here
28. All of the people out there who voted for a new day (I still can't believe we did it)
29. Hilary Clinton, for making the world that much better for women and girls
30. The Onion, for the headline (relating to Barack Obama): "Black Man Asks Nation For Change"
31. The news site that posted the headline "Man Cuts Calories, Loses Weight"
32. The color green.
33. Smoothies - for keeping my need to eat stuff in the morning healthy
34. Facebook. I don't actually know how I went this long without it
35. The always underestimated value of not having a freezing cold Thanksgiving and Christmas
36. The fact that UT gives us TWO WEEKS OFF in December!
37. David Bowie
38. The really smart people at ABC who allowed LOST to set its own end date, thereby allowing for great storytelling
39. Second Life, for providing a playground for new ideas (now for the follow-through)
40. The intelligence to want to live debt-free
41. Travis and Will, for believing in me enough to let me have a venue for design-driven performance art
42. Terami Hirsch, for her amazingly generous contributions to Transformations
43. Everyone else involved in Transformations - thank you so much for bringing this piece to life
44. Esopus magazine. Someday soon I will be able to afford a subscription again
45. "Synechdoche, NY" - not a movie, an experience.
46. Christmas Cooke scented Yankee candles.
47. Christmas trees.
48. Relpax.
49. Books. All of them.
50. Dreaming of the bookshelves we will have in our new apartment.
51. The alphabet, for providing an order in which to put those books.
52. My job. I don't even know how to explain how cool my job is.
53. Tutto Theatre Company, Lisa, Daniel, Matt, Dustin, and Kim.
54. Being healthy.
55. Wacom tablets.
56. My grandmother.
57. The experience of getting the tattoos; the bravery / stupidity that allowed me to get them.
58. Sarah and Maura.
59. Andy Goldsworthy.
60. "Here Comes the Flood."
61. Feminism.
62. Having a savings account with actual dollars in it.
63. Indian food.
64. Double chocolate white chocolate chip cookies.
65. Birthdays. Everyone's.
66. Thanksgiving with friends and family.
67. Google widgets that count down to things like Lost season 5, Watchmen opening, or Bush's last day.
68. The fact that we are very close to Bush's last day.
69. My Palm TX.
70. Planning to travel.
71. Living in a world where the site formerly known as can have actual commercials. Wasn't it just yesterday we were reading Mighty Big?
72. Learning programming and coding.
73. Lynn and her fantastic massages.
74. Finding a local business that will print my portfolio for less than half the price as Kinko's, and twice the quality.
75. Discovering
76. Living passionately.
77. Small theatres whose lights all work most of the time.
78. - better dieting through OCD.
79. Finding really old friends online.
80. "The Summer Storm Journals."
81. Working on the 13th floor of UT's tower.
82. Dreyer's French Silk ice cream.
83. Dark chocolate + Milky Way
84. Stores in the mall that don't play techno / pop / crappy versions of Christmas songs.
85. 37th Street.
86. Yoga.
87. Halasana.
88. Gift cards - they give me an excuse to buy fun things.
89. Ecology Action.
90. Henry, who is right now sitting up against my hip, my arm is around him while I type.
91. Google Analytics, for showing me that someone in Saudi Arabia read my blog last month.
92. The treadmill at our apartment complex, when it's repaired.
93. Keith Olbermann.
94. Almost being done with this list, which means I can read Connie Willis's "Passage" soon.
95. Being constantly reminded that there's a show called "The Starter Wife."
96. Loving life.
97. "Everyone is Unique" pajamas.
98. Miralax.
99. Hen of the woods mushrooms.
100. LOLcats.
101. Home.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time flies.

...and then it was Thanksgiving. I'll try to do my Thanksgiving post tomorrow.

As well as catching up on various things. In the meantime I'm working on "Regenerate:"

Henry, as you can see, is helping.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There is a willow....

I haven't had the opportunity yet to take good photos of Ophelia, but I did manage to get a few from the light booth the other night. This is one of the few that's not so blurry it's an advertisement for a tripod, and it shows off Lisa's floor painting beautifully.

I love Keith Olbermann

Monday, October 27, 2008

Five things.

1. I, like most people attempting to be creative, spend an inordinate amount of time and energy tearing myself to pieces. Last night a colleague of mine paid me one of the highest compliments I think I have ever been paid. And so I've been granted a one day vacation from making myself feel awful.

2. Regenerate is going to be really awesome (provided Renee and I can actually find the time to do all the constructing we need to do). There's also going to be an interactive web component to the installation, so you don't have to be in Austin to be able to participate. Since it probably hasn't been described before in this blog, the installation will be at the "triangle island" on the north side of the 1st street bridge on New Year's Eve. We will be hanging really beautiful twig mobiles from the trees on the "island," and adding butterflies cut out of corn husks to the mobiles. Each of the butterflies will have a prayer / positive thought / resolution about protecting our environment. Anyone is welcome to stop by to add a butterfly to the installation. And soon(ish) if you're outside of Austin we'll have a way for you to add your prayers to the piece. It would be pretty amazing if we could have participants from all over the world adding their voices to the Austin installation.

3. Ophelia is quickly moving forward into tech week. This week I finally get to see a run through and I'm really excited to see this show take shape.

4. Last week I started a new (day) job - I'm now an Information Analyst Trainee at UT Austin. Which means I get paid to learn how to code. It's like being paid to play computer games all day long. I've been frustrated but overall am having a really fun time. I think this job could really tie in with my artistic pursuits as well, so I'm going to see where this takes me.

5. Vote for Obama.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've never seen the light, but I sure have seen god.

OK. I have always had a bizarre love affair with Norway.

But seriously:

Telemegaphone Dale.

If that is not proof that the internet has officially broken art, I don't know what is. It's a 7 meter tall sculpture that sits on Bergskletten Mountain in Dale, Norway, and you can CALL IT ON YOUR TELEPHONE, and it will broadcast your voice over the fjord and nearby town.

So you may be asking, as Chris just did - W. T. F.? What on earth can you do with that?

What CAN'T you do with that? Bora Yoon gave the first ever Telemegaphone Concert at the opening ceremonies!

If I could I would call it right now and tell all of Norway how I've been in love with their country since I was 13.

But I can't, because they've closed it for deer hunting season.

Things like this continually blow my mind. I just discovered 253, a novel by Geoff Ryman, written in 1996. On the internet. Which reminds me of Heath Bunting's Kings X Net Art project from 1994. Why oh why was I not on the internet in 1994??

In 2001 I was part of Cloudmakers, a group of people much, much smarter than me who solved the first Alternate Reality Game. Today Travis sent me to what will probably be my newest addiction / obsession: The Superstruct Game.

The internet has given us the capability of creating art in ways we couldn't before, ways we really didn't conceive of, and every day that I discover something new that someone is creating online, I am truly excited for all the art that I have yet to see.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Shiny Pretty Things #1

I am in awe of Blu and the short film "Muto." There are seriously no words for this amazing piece of animation/performance.

Also, Blu Blog. The first set of photos, taken of a painting in Prague, are of a building that was one block from the apartment that Sarah, Christina, Jen and I stayed in when we were there last year. I had kind of wished I'd gotten a photo of that building with its graffiti - like in "Praha 1." We were too amused by the Kafka Peeing Statues to focus on what was truly important.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I dreamed I saw a silver spaceship flying in the yellow haze of the sun...

Right now I'm halfway through Kazuo Ishiguro's The Unconsoled. It's hard. It's complete stream-of-consciousness dream logic - the main character will be in one place, bump into someone he knew from his childhood, get sidetracked by that person into driving fifty billion miles into the country to some remote place where he'll meet six other people he knew from past experiences, have a conversation with them completely unrelated to whatever he was just doing, then walk through a door in a building and be back in the same room he started in. It's exhausting to read, honestly, because after 250+ pages of this kind of storytelling it hasn't let up and hasn't offered any sort of explanation for why it's doing whatever it's doing. It's one thing to read 50 or 100 pages of a story told that way - it's another to get halfway through a book that's over 500 pages long and feel like the next half is going to be exactly the same. Sigh.

As it turns out the HEB near our apartment is doing some kind of 17-month-long renovation-from-hell thing. And so grocery shopping? Is exactly like being stuck in The Unconsoled. The shelves are rearranged on a daily basis adhering only to someone's twisted "dream logic" of how things should be. The aisles are crammed full of shoppers in a daze, frantically trying to figure out what they're looking for, where they are, who they are, and what day it is. It's total chaos. And of course it doesn't matter if you go in one day and figure out where the tea and coffee are - the next day, they will have moved to another section entirely. And this is exactly why I left the grocery store on Saturday without tea or coffee: I do my grocery shopping by going up and down each aisle and grabbing things I need as I go. I keep a list, but there's always something (like tea or coffee) that inadvertently gets left off, so driving my cart down the aisle will usually remind me that I need to get whatever it is. Except when they freaking move the aisle. I left without tea or coffee because I never went past the tea or coffee. So a second trip to HEB was necessary, and this time I just walked right up to someone and asked for help. Turns out the coffee had been split into two aisles, one where the makeup used to be and one in the middle of the store, and the tea had been moved to where the old photo booth used to be (say that with a Maine accent). Because that's where tea lives in MY dream logic.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lines that I don't recognize

Last night I met Ddyte Darkstone in Second Life for an introduction to "building things." This generally for me consists of me making a cube and trying to make it NOT disappear right away or wear it on my head. He has a dance club he runs in SL and is allowing me to use its rooftop to experiment with building things. We didn't really do much - ran through creating objects ("prims") and adding textures to them, linking two prims together to make a more complex object, and a little bit of playing with lights - but it was honestly a lot more intuitive than I had thought it would be and I'm excited to start getting ideas of what this world will look like so that I can begin trying to make it a virtual reality.

I geeked out over the lighting part. He showed me how to create an object and make it into a light source, and I got to play with changing the color and intensity of that light. Once I could see the reflection of that light on my avatar as she walked through it, I was giddy. It reminds me a lot of playing Riven in 1998, and I was so drawn to the way certain scenes from the game were lit by small lights along a path or within a cave - I could get a similar effect here and really create an environment in the same way lighting on stage creates the environment for a play. Which is, you know, the point. It was cool.

So I think my next step is to work toward creating a framework for the performance, and I'm still thinking along Eurydice lines. Once I have a more solid idea of what that framework looks like I can begin researching and sketching how I want the two worlds to look (both real and virtual) and then see what I can make happen in Second Life.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I know a country, wild canyons and seas, red roots wave in the fissures so wild the space between my love and me

Five things:

1. Trash Anthems: postponed. Sad for me, but happy for the director, who has an upcoming Broadway gig he's going to focus on. I think I'm still going to manage to make it to Ft. Worth in October anyway, just for a day, so hopefully I'll still get to the museums.

1.5 Mary Todd: also postponed. The energy, creative team and resources that were going into this are now being funneled into Ophelia.

2. Ophelia: I'm designing this for Tutto Theatre Company, directed by Dustin Wills, to be produced in November. It's going to be gorgeous. Lisa Laratta, a colleague and friend of mine from grad school, is designing the set and I honestly am so excited to see what she comes up with. The entire stage is going to be a huge palette for me to paint on. And I think this marks the first time I'm honestly excited at the thought of lighting a white set.

3. The Eurydice Variations: This is a long term project I've been tossing around for awhile now. I want to experiment with using Second Life / virtual worlds in live performance - not as something pre-recorded but as something that is being streamed live, so that the performance happens in two different worlds simultaneously, and the performers can interact across that divide. I met with Dr. Leslie Jarmon this past week and her enthusiasm for virtual worlds and what artists can do with them is infectious. I'm starting to assemble collaborators for this and the title is VERY tentative (up until now it's just been sort of code named "Ypsilanti," but I am really drawn to the idea of telling the Orpheus and Eurydice myth in this way). With Trash Anthems being postponed I now have a big hole in my schedule for the fall, so my intention is to really push forward with this idea now. I think we're probably about a year out from actually producing and performing this, but that gives us plenty of time to really get it right, and figure out what the hell we're doing anyway. During our meeting Leslie pointed out that no one really knows how to use this technology, and it's something that sort of evolves as artists try to use it. I imagine that as I get into SL more and more, I'll see what I can and can't do with it and most likely the end result will look absolutely nothing like what I described just now

4. The opening ceremonies in Beijing were STUNNING. I can't find photos that really do it justice, but one of my favorite parts involved about 5000+ drummers playing on drums that lit up from the inside as they were struck.

Later in the ceremony Peter Gabriel wanted his ideas back:

I remember when I was younger making fun of the really performance-artsy aspect to the opening ceremonies - I honestly don't think that any Olympic event in the next two weeks can top that for me now. It's funny to me that I used to think the artistry of the opening ceremonies was silly, and now I scour the internet for photos to use as future research and inspiration.

5. Very possible next trip: Glacier National Park.

Friday, July 25, 2008

At midnight, all the agents and superhuman crew, go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.

It is AMAZING the things that can render me completely depressed:

- any thoughts of global warming
- reading that Scooter Libby was pardoned
- the season finale of House
- reading The Time Traveler's Wife

But it's not one of those things right now that's got me down. No...that would be seeing the condos that took the place of ManRay. Sigh.

As luck would have it the universe sent me a cure for all depression last week, in the form of the Watchmen trailer. The Dark Knight was also good.

I think one of the things I have going for me as far as potentially liking this adaptation is that I'm *not* a comic book geek. I didn't grow up on them. I've read a grand total of 4.2 (that would be Watchmen, V For Vendetta, the Maus books, and two of the Sandman volumes). I have one friend in particular who loves the book, but DOES NOT BELIEVE that the movie will be good on any level. I just like the story. I mean, it's a REALLY good story.

Oh, also - another thing that makes me profoundly depressed: reading internet discussion boards (like imdb's or Ain't it Cool's). Because no one stops to think that there might be actual thought going on behind the decision to alter the costume design from what was originally in the graphic novel.

OK, but here's where I am a TOTAL geek. The Watchmen film has kept a production diary online, with a couple of videos on the film's set and costume design:

Watch them build the sets and age them and paint layers of graffiti and stuff!
Stare in wonder at the warehouses full of costumes from all periods, and the research images they've collected to inspire the design!

There are others, too, including one on the process of setting someone on fire.

Back to re-reading.

(8/5/08 ETA: Since the posting of this entry I have since been informed of four more graphic novels I have read - the entire Spider Garden series by Michael Manning. This will surprise approximately no one.)

Friday, July 11, 2008

What's in your day that no other day has seen before?

Last night I dreamt that Travis and I kayaked from Kirkenes to Svalbard. Hey, guess what - it was really cold. Crossing the ocean between the two was awful, and difficult, and miserable, and full of ice and all sorts of not fun weather, as well as polar bears and birds diving down at us. But the destination somehow made it worth it - Svalbard was not the cold and miserable place that the ocean between it and mainland Norway was, except for the fact that we dreaded leaving because we'd have to take that journey again.

I would bet you any amount of money that right now Travis is breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought of me dragging him off to Norway. It's the number one next place I want to go, and he knows I want to cruise the coast line up to Tromso or possibly Kirkenes on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. And one of the concerns he has voiced about taking this trip is that being around me when I'm cold is decidedly not fun. If we were to, you know, KAYAK the coastline (especially in WINTER) I would probably say he's right and it would not be fun. But staying on a cruise ship probably wouldn't put us right in the middle of arctic weather as much. Plus, I'm smart enough to not want to go there in the wintertime, not this particular trip anyway.

And then I found this, which just sounds so cool. Sounds like my dream come true.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Odd. And also, update.

I have one of those apps on my facebook profile that tells people which parts of the world I've been to. I swear to you that until today it said "Megan has been to 11% of the world." But today it says "Megan has been to 12% of the world." Seeing as I went nowhere special last night, can someone explain to me what happened to the geography of our planet in the last 24 hours?


1. The First Night project might have a name, a shape, and a direction. What is needed from me right now is the time to actually sit down and work on the application and model or drawings. This is actually a problem across the board with my artistic pursuits right now. I'm thinking of reinstating some sort of time frame in which I only work on my projects, and don't check email, play Scrabble with Travis, read or watch TV.

2. Another possible show in October, one I will be so excited to work on. More later, if the news is good. Also possibly an installation to light in February.

3. Omission - between now and Christmas (we *might* be headed back to NH this year for a few days during Christmas) I need to sort this all out, so that when I'm in NH I can work on the interviews. I've let two NH trips go by without one shred of work being done on this project

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm lost in the pattern, and the pattern is lost in me

So back in the days of living in San Francisco (basically those years covering 2000-2004, mostly) I couldn't read. Not as in I was unable to decipher letters on a page, but I had zero attention span. I still believe this is because I was working my first post-college job, as a receptionist at the Pacific Stock Exchange, and the job really didn't involve a whole lot for eight hours a day I was on the internet, doing really useful things like playing on Neopets. I swear it ruined my attention span and I only remember reading a handful of books back then (most of which were Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, which probably also had a hand in turning me off from reading).

In 2005 I put reading in a context my OCD brain could understand - I started counting the books I read, with the goal of reading 50 in that year. Then, even better, in 2006 I found the book 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die in a bookstore - and I found my life's calling.

My attention span issue has since been cured and I read all the time now. I don't just read the books on that list of 1001, I read pretty much anything. And I let books I have read off that list influence what other ones I read.

Back in 2001 I picked up a copy of John Fowles's A Maggot at Cody's in Berkeley. I had read The Magus and The Collector a few years before and loved them. But I couldn't get into A Maggot. Blah historical novel. Well, that and John Herman ruining it for me - I don't think I was 20 pages in when he said "Oh I thought it was totally obvious that..." Thanks, John. Anyway, I've picked that book up again because it's on the 1001 list - which means I have to read it - and total proof that my four year case of ADD is gone - I'm 1/3 of the way through and still reading and enjoying.

Even though I know the twist ending.

(By the way, no matter how many books by Faulkner are on that list, I'm not reading a single one.)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky.

Anyone reading this who knows me will probably think I've gone completely insane, but I have set a new goal for myself this week: I will get myself down to one tank of gas in my car per month. If you know me, you're probably familiar with my extremely pessimistic view of our world and where humanity is headed; this is important to me. I can't hold these beliefs and speak about them while contributing so unnecessarily to the problem. Right now I'm at about two fill ups per month, so it's going to be basically a 50% cut in how much driving I do.

For those keeping score at home, these are my current goals (at least I think this is all of them):

1. Use one tank of gas per month.
2. By the end of August, begin learning CSS.
3. This year, produce one work of art that is not theatre.
4. This fall, approach researchers at UT about Second Life project & begin designing within Second Life.
5. By the end of 2009, design one show in any state other than Texas or New Hampshire.
6. Get my weight down to 135 lbs.

I also need to learn how to knit and learn Spanish...actually Spanish is a priority but I just have not worked up the motivation to begin yet. Our trip to Costa Rica really opened my eyes at how necessary it is to know this language to travel.

And of course, all of these goals are working goals, meaning that I'm not magically going to suddenly start using only one tank of gas per month tomorrow and I'm not going to wake up tomorrow 15 lbs lighter and surviving on 1200 calories per day.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's not the altitude that takes my breath away

I am now a married woman!

Our wedding went absolutely beautifully. So many of our friends and family contributed to this "show," and when I think about all of the people who put a part of themselves into our day I want to cry, in a good way.

Chris Keating kicked serious ass as the REV. Chris Keating. He's been a friend of ours for a long time, and got ordained as a minister in order to perform our ceremony.

My dress was built by two different people in two different states - Sarah Mosher and Maura Suter, who didn't meet until the final fitting when they went nuts over how the seams of the corset (built by Sarah) and skirt (built by Maura) matched perfectly. This is actually the story of how the entire day went. Serendipitously perfectly.

Photos of the wedding, reception, honeymoon, and various other celebrations that took place can be seen here, and more will be added in the coming days. Lapa Rios in Costa Rica was the best honeymoon we could have ever chosen.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Suppose that you could save me some way, but I told you baby not to bother?

It's basically confirmed - in October I'll be heading to Ft. Worth for a week to light Trash Anthems with Firestarter Productions.

Which means that I will hopefully also be seeing this.
And this.
Maybe this.
Hopefully this. They have a couple of Antony Gormley works, a Richard Serra piece, and a James Turrell skyspace.

I'm also really excited to be working with this group of artists. They are friends of friends, and I've heard great things about their work. It will be a ton of fun.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Between the wanting and the being everything, everything is so much lovelier contained

On Wednesday Terami Hirsch performed at Austin Java to a small but very appreciative group of people. I was very fortunate to be able to meet her and chat briefly before and after the show. Terami had contributed original music to our show Transformations back in February, and so four of the people involved in that show came to see her perform. In between her set and the opening performer, Jennifer Grassman (who was also very good), we sat and talked with Jennifer and her husband while waiting for Terami to begin. Austin Java's performance space is a small stage outside under an overhang, and Wednesday was borderline-stormy so lots of dark skies, thunder, and wind ripping through the small space. Terami was fantastic, and in case you don't believe me Travis posted a video of her performing "What I Didn't See," and in the middle of sitting in one of my favorite places to eat in Austin, with the storm looming over us, talking with really cool people and new friends, it was one of those times when life just seems so perfect and I can't imagine why I would want my life any other way than how it is. Except, of course, I would like to be designing full time. Except for that.

In three weeks we get married. I think this is supposed to be the part where I freak out, but I have not really had much of a need to freak out for this entire process. I really am excited, and nervous, and anxious that nobody will have a good time (because that's the typical thought process in my head) but no part of this has really made me worried. My dress isn't finished and I'm totally fine with that. We video-chatted yesterday with Keating, who is performing our ceremony, and I think he's more nervous than either of us. The only really bad thing that is stressing me out right now is that my new shoes (Chacos) gave me blisters yesterday on a walk from home to the coffee shop down the street, and so that doesn't bode well for the hiking we're doing in Costa Rica. They weren't kidding at REI when they told me these were shoes that required gradual breaking in. Also, I think I need to figure out a way to incorporate pumice stone into the soles of my shoes. I have the world's worst calluses and they actually literally shred through the bottoms & sides of my shoes.

Renee and I have pushed our First Night brainstorming to post-wedding, giving her more breathing space for the upcoming KDH show. Mary Todd continues to move forward and evolve. And it looks like I'll be designing in Ft. Worth this October, lighting Trash Anthems for Firestarter Productions.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've been thinking flowers, maybe daisies, might relieve the gloom

1. Today I became convinced that I am involved in the weirdest project ever created (that would be the Mary Todd project). I love it, it's fascinating, but still, weird as hell. And it's making me watch Quay brothers films. Not because the project has anything to do with them, but because that's where it's sending my mind.

2. Ideas for the possible First Night installation are starting to form and Renee and I meet next weekend to talk about it. I have another installation that I want to start, but it will take a year of collecting plastic bags before I can really work on it, and where am I supposed to put those in the meantime? Our apartment is small. "Omission" is slowly moving a few steps forward.

3. I think the new Portishead album is probably the best thing to happen to me this week. I didn't think so at first because I was listening to it in my OCD way of listening to music on I-tunes (in the "not yet rated" playlist, I play all the songs alphabetically and rate them as I listen - this is not the best way to listen to Portishead). Once I stopped doing that and listened to the whole album, beginning to end, I remembered why I like them. In other news...I still don't like Bjork.

4. I need to sit down and start working on my bridesmaids' gifts. Because if I don't, it's going to end up like Chrissie & Drew's wedding present...three months of oh-no-I'll-make-that-later, followed by buying something off their registry.

5. 23 hours and 11 minutes until LOST.

Notes from Dublin: Rambling, Emotional, Barely Coherent.

This has been a strange two weeks to be in another country, especially one that isn't a major world power. Ireland doesn't have the ...