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Between the wanting and the being everything, everything is so much lovelier contained

On Wednesday Terami Hirsch performed at Austin Java to a small but very appreciative group of people. I was very fortunate to be able to meet her and chat briefly before and after the show. Terami had contributed original music to our show Transformations back in February, and so four of the people involved in that show came to see her perform. In between her set and the opening performer, Jennifer Grassman (who was also very good), we sat and talked with Jennifer and her husband while waiting for Terami to begin. Austin Java's performance space is a small stage outside under an overhang, and Wednesday was borderline-stormy so lots of dark skies, thunder, and wind ripping through the small space. Terami was fantastic, and in case you don't believe me Travis posted a video of her performing "What I Didn't See," and in the middle of sitting in one of my favorite places to eat in Austin, with the storm looming over us, talking with really cool people and new fr…

I've been thinking flowers, maybe daisies, might relieve the gloom

1. Today I became convinced that I am involved in the weirdest project ever created (that would be the Mary Todd project). I love it, it's fascinating, but still, weird as hell. And it's making me watch Quay brothers films. Not because the project has anything to do with them, but because that's where it's sending my mind.

2. Ideas for the possible First Night installation are starting to form and Renee and I meet next weekend to talk about it. I have another installation that I want to start, but it will take a year of collecting plastic bags before I can really work on it, and where am I supposed to put those in the meantime? Our apartment is small. "Omission" is slowly moving a few steps forward.

3. I think the new Portishead album is probably the best thing to happen to me this week. I didn't think so at first because I was listening to it in my OCD way of listening to music on I-tunes (in the "not yet rated" playlist, I play all th…