Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I've been thinking flowers, maybe daisies, might relieve the gloom

1. Today I became convinced that I am involved in the weirdest project ever created (that would be the Mary Todd project). I love it, it's fascinating, but still, weird as hell. And it's making me watch Quay brothers films. Not because the project has anything to do with them, but because that's where it's sending my mind.

2. Ideas for the possible First Night installation are starting to form and Renee and I meet next weekend to talk about it. I have another installation that I want to start, but it will take a year of collecting plastic bags before I can really work on it, and where am I supposed to put those in the meantime? Our apartment is small. "Omission" is slowly moving a few steps forward.

3. I think the new Portishead album is probably the best thing to happen to me this week. I didn't think so at first because I was listening to it in my OCD way of listening to music on I-tunes (in the "not yet rated" playlist, I play all the songs alphabetically and rate them as I listen - this is not the best way to listen to Portishead). Once I stopped doing that and listened to the whole album, beginning to end, I remembered why I like them. In other news...I still don't like Bjork.

4. I need to sit down and start working on my bridesmaids' gifts. Because if I don't, it's going to end up like Chrissie & Drew's wedding present...three months of oh-no-I'll-make-that-later, followed by buying something off their registry.

5. 23 hours and 11 minutes until LOST.
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