Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's not the altitude that takes my breath away

I am now a married woman!

Our wedding went absolutely beautifully. So many of our friends and family contributed to this "show," and when I think about all of the people who put a part of themselves into our day I want to cry, in a good way.

Chris Keating kicked serious ass as the REV. Chris Keating. He's been a friend of ours for a long time, and got ordained as a minister in order to perform our ceremony.

My dress was built by two different people in two different states - Sarah Mosher and Maura Suter, who didn't meet until the final fitting when they went nuts over how the seams of the corset (built by Sarah) and skirt (built by Maura) matched perfectly. This is actually the story of how the entire day went. Serendipitously perfectly.

Photos of the wedding, reception, honeymoon, and various other celebrations that took place can be seen here, and more will be added in the coming days. Lapa Rios in Costa Rica was the best honeymoon we could have ever chosen.
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