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At midnight, all the agents and superhuman crew, go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.

It is AMAZING the things that can render me completely depressed:

- any thoughts of global warming
- reading that Scooter Libby was pardoned
- the season finale of House
- reading The Time Traveler's Wife

But it's not one of those things right now that's got me down. No...that would be seeing the condos that took the place of ManRay. Sigh.

As luck would have it the universe sent me a cure for all depression last week, in the form of the Watchmen trailer. The Dark Knight was also good.

I think one of the things I have going for me as far as potentially liking this adaptation is that I'm *not* a comic book geek. I didn't grow up on them. I've read a grand total of 4.2 (that would be Watchmen, V For Vendetta, the Maus books, and two of the Sandman volumes). I have one friend in particular who loves the book, but DOES NOT BELIEVE that the movie will be good on any level. I just like the story. I mean, it's a REALLY good story.

Oh, also - another thing that ma…

What's in your day that no other day has seen before?

Last night I dreamt that Travis and I kayaked from Kirkenes to Svalbard. Hey, guess what - it was really cold. Crossing the ocean between the two was awful, and difficult, and miserable, and full of ice and all sorts of not fun weather, as well as polar bears and birds diving down at us. But the destination somehow made it worth it - Svalbard was not the cold and miserable place that the ocean between it and mainland Norway was, except for the fact that we dreaded leaving because we'd have to take that journey again.

I would bet you any amount of money that right now Travis is breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought of me dragging him off to Norway. It's the number one next place I want to go, and he knows I want to cruise the coast line up to Tromso or possibly Kirkenes on the Norwegian Coastal Voyage. And one of the concerns he has voiced about taking this trip is that being around me when I'm cold is decidedly not fun. If we were to, you know, KAYAK the coast…

Odd. And also, update.

I have one of those apps on my facebook profile that tells people which parts of the world I've been to. I swear to you that until today it said "Megan has been to 11% of the world." But today it says "Megan has been to 12% of the world." Seeing as I went nowhere special last night, can someone explain to me what happened to the geography of our planet in the last 24 hours?


1. The First Night project might have a name, a shape, and a direction. What is needed from me right now is the time to actually sit down and work on the application and model or drawings. This is actually a problem across the board with my artistic pursuits right now. I'm thinking of reinstating some sort of time frame in which I only work on my projects, and don't check email, play Scrabble with Travis, read or watch TV.

2. Another possible show in October, one I will be so excited to work on. More later, if the news is good. Also possibly an installation to light i…

I'm lost in the pattern, and the pattern is lost in me

So back in the days of living in San Francisco (basically those years covering 2000-2004, mostly) I couldn't read. Not as in I was unable to decipher letters on a page, but I had zero attention span. I still believe this is because I was working my first post-college job, as a receptionist at the Pacific Stock Exchange, and the job really didn't involve a whole lot for eight hours a day I was on the internet, doing really useful things like playing on Neopets. I swear it ruined my attention span and I only remember reading a handful of books back then (most of which were Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, which probably also had a hand in turning me off from reading).

In 2005 I put reading in a context my OCD brain could understand - I started counting the books I read, with the goal of reading 50 in that year. Then, even better, in 2006 I found the book 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die in a bookstore - and I found my life's calling.

My att…

Waves of steel hurled metal at the sky.

Anyone reading this who knows me will probably think I've gone completely insane, but I have set a new goal for myself this week: I will get myself down to one tank of gas in my car per month. If you know me, you're probably familiar with my extremely pessimistic view of our world and where humanity is headed; this is important to me. I can't hold these beliefs and speak about them while contributing so unnecessarily to the problem. Right now I'm at about two fill ups per month, so it's going to be basically a 50% cut in how much driving I do.

For those keeping score at home, these are my current goals (at least I think this is all of them):

1. Use one tank of gas per month.
2. By the end of August, begin learning CSS.
3. This year, produce one work of art that is not theatre.
4. This fall, approach researchers at UT about Second Life project & begin designing within Second Life.
5. By the end of 2009, design one show in any state other than Texas or New Ham…