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I dreamed I saw a silver spaceship flying in the yellow haze of the sun...

Right now I'm halfway through Kazuo Ishiguro's The Unconsoled. It's hard. It's complete stream-of-consciousness dream logic - the main character will be in one place, bump into someone he knew from his childhood, get sidetracked by that person into driving fifty billion miles into the country to some remote place where he'll meet six other people he knew from past experiences, have a conversation with them completely unrelated to whatever he was just doing, then walk through a door in a building and be back in the same room he started in. It's exhausting to read, honestly, because after 250+ pages of this kind of storytelling it hasn't let up and hasn't offered any sort of explanation for why it's doing whatever it's doing. It's one thing to read 50 or 100 pages of a story told that way - it's another to get halfway through a book that's over 500 pages long and feel like the next half is going to be exactly the same. Sigh.

As it …

Lines that I don't recognize

Last night I met Ddyte Darkstone in Second Life for an introduction to "building things." This generally for me consists of me making a cube and trying to make it NOT disappear right away or wear it on my head. He has a dance club he runs in SL and is allowing me to use its rooftop to experiment with building things. We didn't really do much - ran through creating objects ("prims") and adding textures to them, linking two prims together to make a more complex object, and a little bit of playing with lights - but it was honestly a lot more intuitive than I had thought it would be and I'm excited to start getting ideas of what this world will look like so that I can begin trying to make it a virtual reality.

I geeked out over the lighting part. He showed me how to create an object and make it into a light source, and I got to play with changing the color and intensity of that light. Once I could see the reflection of that light on my avatar as she walked …

I know a country, wild canyons and seas, red roots wave in the fissures so wild the space between my love and me

Five things:

1. Trash Anthems: postponed. Sad for me, but happy for the director, who has an upcoming Broadway gig he's going to focus on. I think I'm still going to manage to make it to Ft. Worth in October anyway, just for a day, so hopefully I'll still get to the museums.

1.5 Mary Todd: also postponed. The energy, creative team and resources that were going into this are now being funneled into Ophelia.

2. Ophelia: I'm designing this for Tutto Theatre Company, directed by Dustin Wills, to be produced in November. It's going to be gorgeous. Lisa Laratta, a colleague and friend of mine from grad school, is designing the set and I honestly am so excited to see what she comes up with. The entire stage is going to be a huge palette for me to paint on. And I think this marks the first time I'm honestly excited at the thought of lighting a white set.

3. The Eurydice Variations: This is a long term project I've been tossing around for awhile now. I w…