Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lines that I don't recognize

Last night I met Ddyte Darkstone in Second Life for an introduction to "building things." This generally for me consists of me making a cube and trying to make it NOT disappear right away or wear it on my head. He has a dance club he runs in SL and is allowing me to use its rooftop to experiment with building things. We didn't really do much - ran through creating objects ("prims") and adding textures to them, linking two prims together to make a more complex object, and a little bit of playing with lights - but it was honestly a lot more intuitive than I had thought it would be and I'm excited to start getting ideas of what this world will look like so that I can begin trying to make it a virtual reality.

I geeked out over the lighting part. He showed me how to create an object and make it into a light source, and I got to play with changing the color and intensity of that light. Once I could see the reflection of that light on my avatar as she walked through it, I was giddy. It reminds me a lot of playing Riven in 1998, and I was so drawn to the way certain scenes from the game were lit by small lights along a path or within a cave - I could get a similar effect here and really create an environment in the same way lighting on stage creates the environment for a play. Which is, you know, the point. It was cool.

So I think my next step is to work toward creating a framework for the performance, and I'm still thinking along Eurydice lines. Once I have a more solid idea of what that framework looks like I can begin researching and sketching how I want the two worlds to look (both real and virtual) and then see what I can make happen in Second Life.
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