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I've never seen the light, but I sure have seen god.

OK. I have always had a bizarre love affair with Norway.

But seriously:

Telemegaphone Dale.

If that is not proof that the internet has officially broken art, I don't know what is. It's a 7 meter tall sculpture that sits on Bergskletten Mountain in Dale, Norway, and you can CALL IT ON YOUR TELEPHONE, and it will broadcast your voice over the fjord and nearby town.

So you may be asking, as Chris just did - W. T. F.? What on earth can you do with that?

What CAN'T you do with that? Bora Yoon gave the first ever Telemegaphone Concert at the opening ceremonies!

If I could I would call it right now and tell all of Norway how I've been in love with their country since I was 13.

But I can't, because they've closed it for deer hunting season.

Things like this continually blow my mind. I just discovered 253, a novel by Geoff Ryman, written in 1996. On the internet. Which reminds me of Heath Bunting's Kings X Net Art project from 1994. Why oh why was I not on the int…

Shiny Pretty Things #1

I am in awe of Blu and the short film "Muto." There are seriously no words for this amazing piece of animation/performance.

Also, Blu Blog. The first set of photos, taken of a painting in Prague, are of a building that was one block from the apartment that Sarah, Christina, Jen and I stayed in when we were there last year. I had kind of wished I'd gotten a photo of that building with its graffiti - like in "Praha 1." We were too amused by the Kafka Peeing Statues to focus on what was truly important.