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Five things.

1. I, like most people attempting to be creative, spend an inordinate amount of time and energy tearing myself to pieces. Last night a colleague of mine paid me one of the highest compliments I think I have ever been paid. And so I've been granted a one day vacation from making myself feel awful.

2. Regenerate is going to be really awesome (provided Renee and I can actually find the time to do all the constructing we need to do). There's also going to be an interactive web component to the installation, so you don't have to be in Austin to be able to participate. Since it probably hasn't been described before in this blog, the installation will be at the "triangle island" on the north side of the 1st street bridge on New Year's Eve. We will be hanging really beautiful twig mobiles from the trees on the "island," and adding butterflies cut out of corn husks to the mobiles. Each of the butterflies will have a prayer / positive thought / re…

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