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101 Things I am Thankful For (in stream of consciousness order)

(This was supposed to be posted on Thanksgiving...)

1. My family and friends, especially the ones I fail to mention in the coming list.
2. Travis & another year we've been able to spend together (in this one we got married!).
3. Everybody involved in the creation of our wedding.
4. Our wedding, the greatest wedding in history.
5. - for selling LOST bumper stickers
6. Glen Hansard, The Frames, and the song "Fitzcarraldo"
7. PJ Harvey's "White Chalk"
8. Discovering Noe Venable's "Eurydice"
9. The way I-tunes lets you rediscover music you forgot you ever added to your library
10. Sansa and her new-found need to sit on my lap when no one is around to accuse her of liking a person
11. David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
12. Certain former professors who have unending senses of humor that apparently cover drunken middle of the night bachelor party phone calls
13. The fact that my friends and family listened to my requ…

Time flies.

...and then it was Thanksgiving. I'll try to do my Thanksgiving post tomorrow.

As well as catching up on various things. In the meantime I'm working on "Regenerate:"

Henry, as you can see, is helping.

There is a willow....

I haven't had the opportunity yet to take good photos of Ophelia, but I did manage to get a few from the light booth the other night. This is one of the few that's not so blurry it's an advertisement for a tripod, and it shows off Lisa's floor painting beautifully.

I love Keith Olbermann