Thursday, November 27, 2008

101 Things I am Thankful For (in stream of consciousness order)

(This was supposed to be posted on Thanksgiving...)

1. My family and friends, especially the ones I fail to mention in the coming list.
2. Travis & another year we've been able to spend together (in this one we got married!).
3. Everybody involved in the creation of our wedding.
4. Our wedding, the greatest wedding in history.
5. - for selling LOST bumper stickers
6. Glen Hansard, The Frames, and the song "Fitzcarraldo"
7. PJ Harvey's "White Chalk"
8. Discovering Noe Venable's "Eurydice"
9. The way I-tunes lets you rediscover music you forgot you ever added to your library
10. Sansa and her new-found need to sit on my lap when no one is around to accuse her of liking a person
11. David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas
12. Certain former professors who have unending senses of humor that apparently cover drunken middle of the night bachelor party phone calls
13. The fact that my friends and family listened to my request for a low-key, small bachelorette party
14. Costa Rica. So beautiful and so filled with monkeys.
15. The Alamo Drafthouse, without which I probably would never have seen "Repo! The Genetic Opera"
16. Everyone who has tipped us off on our search for a new apartment
17. My job. Seriously.
18. Ophelia - even the crazy ridiculous part - because it was one of my top five shows and theatre-experiences ever.
19. Friends who are, at least for now, interested in creating a thriving, local art scene.
20. Riding that fine line between stupidity and bravery, which allows me to try dumb things that I should be scared of but which also add adventure to my life
21. Cross my fingers, knock on wood, but feeling possibly happy for once
22. The internet and how it continues to revolutionize art and communications
23. First Night Austin
24. Twigs and branches
25. Sarah Mosher, for committing to a shared vision in Transformations & creating original work with me
26. Dr. Desimone, for a challenge that was sorely needed and which has also made me a better designer, artist, and person
27. Christmas with Travis in Austin - we're taking a trip home this year, but the best part is still the part we spend together here
28. All of the people out there who voted for a new day (I still can't believe we did it)
29. Hilary Clinton, for making the world that much better for women and girls
30. The Onion, for the headline (relating to Barack Obama): "Black Man Asks Nation For Change"
31. The news site that posted the headline "Man Cuts Calories, Loses Weight"
32. The color green.
33. Smoothies - for keeping my need to eat stuff in the morning healthy
34. Facebook. I don't actually know how I went this long without it
35. The always underestimated value of not having a freezing cold Thanksgiving and Christmas
36. The fact that UT gives us TWO WEEKS OFF in December!
37. David Bowie
38. The really smart people at ABC who allowed LOST to set its own end date, thereby allowing for great storytelling
39. Second Life, for providing a playground for new ideas (now for the follow-through)
40. The intelligence to want to live debt-free
41. Travis and Will, for believing in me enough to let me have a venue for design-driven performance art
42. Terami Hirsch, for her amazingly generous contributions to Transformations
43. Everyone else involved in Transformations - thank you so much for bringing this piece to life
44. Esopus magazine. Someday soon I will be able to afford a subscription again
45. "Synechdoche, NY" - not a movie, an experience.
46. Christmas Cooke scented Yankee candles.
47. Christmas trees.
48. Relpax.
49. Books. All of them.
50. Dreaming of the bookshelves we will have in our new apartment.
51. The alphabet, for providing an order in which to put those books.
52. My job. I don't even know how to explain how cool my job is.
53. Tutto Theatre Company, Lisa, Daniel, Matt, Dustin, and Kim.
54. Being healthy.
55. Wacom tablets.
56. My grandmother.
57. The experience of getting the tattoos; the bravery / stupidity that allowed me to get them.
58. Sarah and Maura.
59. Andy Goldsworthy.
60. "Here Comes the Flood."
61. Feminism.
62. Having a savings account with actual dollars in it.
63. Indian food.
64. Double chocolate white chocolate chip cookies.
65. Birthdays. Everyone's.
66. Thanksgiving with friends and family.
67. Google widgets that count down to things like Lost season 5, Watchmen opening, or Bush's last day.
68. The fact that we are very close to Bush's last day.
69. My Palm TX.
70. Planning to travel.
71. Living in a world where the site formerly known as can have actual commercials. Wasn't it just yesterday we were reading Mighty Big?
72. Learning programming and coding.
73. Lynn and her fantastic massages.
74. Finding a local business that will print my portfolio for less than half the price as Kinko's, and twice the quality.
75. Discovering
76. Living passionately.
77. Small theatres whose lights all work most of the time.
78. - better dieting through OCD.
79. Finding really old friends online.
80. "The Summer Storm Journals."
81. Working on the 13th floor of UT's tower.
82. Dreyer's French Silk ice cream.
83. Dark chocolate + Milky Way
84. Stores in the mall that don't play techno / pop / crappy versions of Christmas songs.
85. 37th Street.
86. Yoga.
87. Halasana.
88. Gift cards - they give me an excuse to buy fun things.
89. Ecology Action.
90. Henry, who is right now sitting up against my hip, my arm is around him while I type.
91. Google Analytics, for showing me that someone in Saudi Arabia read my blog last month.
92. The treadmill at our apartment complex, when it's repaired.
93. Keith Olbermann.
94. Almost being done with this list, which means I can read Connie Willis's "Passage" soon.
95. Being constantly reminded that there's a show called "The Starter Wife."
96. Loving life.
97. "Everyone is Unique" pajamas.
98. Miralax.
99. Hen of the woods mushrooms.
100. LOLcats.
101. Home.
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