Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

20 things that inspired me in 2008 and 3 resolutions for 2009:

1. Synecdoche, NY. I can't even fully explain the affect this movie / experience had on me. I left the theatre sobbing, wanting to embrace life wholeheartedly, create anything that was true to myself and never look at another human being as a bit player in my own life.

2. Cloud Atlas. I've been delving an awful lot into postmodern literature in the past couple of years, and a lot of it is silly and pretentious. This one is not, it's beautiful.

3. Anne Sexton. Specifically, "Rapunzel," since it was that poem which launched "Transformations."

4. Noe Venable's song "Eurydice." Sometimes I discover songs in I-tunes that I had forgotten completely. When I found this one again this year, I listened over and over and over, trying to mentally build it into the Eurydice project.

5. Terami Hirsch's album "A Broke Machine." I didn't like it at first. It was weird and foreign and not comfortable. Thankfully, I figured out that I was wrong and now I love it. Plus, getting to meet Terami this year when she came to Austin to perform was a lot of fun.

6. The Frames' song "Fitzcarraldo." Glen Hansard is really good at ripping my heart out while he sings. This song has an epicness to it that leaves me drained afterwards.

7. The Hyde Park neighborhood with the homemade Obama signs. Everytime I drove through it, I had such an overwhelming feeling of having been part of something so tremendous. And I can find zero photographic evidence of this on the web.

8. Watchmen. I had read this a couple years ago, but this year I re-read it in light of the trailer and upcoming movie, about which I am obsessed.

9. The Nields' song "One Hundred Names." Because it was our first dance, and I remember exactly how it felt in that moment to hear this music.

10. The People of Paper. Gabriel Garcia Marquez + (Mark Z. Danielewski - lots of editing)

11. Second Life. Lots of unexplored artistic possibilities.

12. What I Loved. Life and art.

13. Keith Olbermann's Prop 8 Commentary. Because he's right, and you don't have a valid come back.

14. Jason DeCaires Taylor. Anyone whose work fits in with my drowned world / end of the world obsession is ok by me. His undersea sculptures are incredibly haunting.

15. Telemegaphone Dale. Another reason why I love Norway.

16. The Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies. How many media servers does it take to fill an Olympic stadium? And no, that small thing isn't the LED floor - the BIG thing that small thing is on is the LED floor.

17. Barack Obama. I was in the middle of the most surreal tech week ever, looking all over Austin for "big bulky flashlights that were silver or black" when it was announced that McCain had conceded. In spite of Ophelia-exhaustion on the part of everyone, the energy within the group of theatre artists that night was awesome.

18. Louis CK. Specifically because, in light of recent events, "can't I just be STUPID??"

19. Jay Long. His paintings/collages (which I saw at the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar) are amazing and one may just eventually find its way into my living room.

20. I am wasting hours of my life searching for beautiful, unique hand made things to give people I love.

* * *

1. I resolve, once again, to get healthier in 2009. This year I did great at this goal, then lost some momentum, but will be back on the treadmill and healthy diet in 2009.

2. I resolve, again, to continue my journey into a more frugal & voluntary simplistic way of life.

3. I resolve to get my butt moving on Omission.
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