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Aesthetics and Uncertainty

I've worked with people in the past whose work would spontaneously take shape upon moving into a performance venue. No amount of meetings, planning, research, rehearsal, blocking would lead them to the same artistic product that being in the actual space and making it work would produce. I never thought I'd be one of those people - I am usually another type of person who plans out all meals a week in advance and creates ridiculous excel budget spreadsheets for herself. But working with Misha and Divergence Vocal Theater so far has been an exercise in being patient with myself and my apparent need to "make it work" next week in the space.

So many unknown factors come into play for this show. The space is a church, not a theatre. There is some lighting in the church but I don't know what / how much and we can't refocus it. I'm renting some stage lights, and I can get a general "plot" going for this but really, it will be a "these lights …

B. Iden Payne Nominations!

Just a quick post to say - last week the B. Iden Payne Nominations were released and I received two for my work on Ophelia and Black Snow with Tutto Theatre Company. The B. Iden Paynes are annual awards for Austin theatre given by Austin Circle of Theatres. My collaborators Dustin Wills, Lisa Laratta, Kim H. Ngo and a whole bunch of actors were also nominated...between the two shows, Tutto garnered 13 nominations! This is especially exciting for me as it marks the first (and second) nominations my work has received in Austin circles.

Other nominated shows I worked on: Cambiare Productions' Orestes, including Best Production of a Drama, which hopefully means my husband will get to make some sort of speech as the producer / artistic director of Cambiare, and Rubber Repertory's Mister Z Loves Company!

Full list of nominations here.

Longer actual blog post on the process thus for for Autumn Spectre is on its way.