B. Iden Paynes!

I won for my work on "Ophelia," which was kind of surprising as I thought *if* I won it would be for "Black Snow." And I wasn't expecting to win, really.

Congratulations to everyone but most especially to my friends and co-collaborators with TUTTO Theatre Company (Outstanding Production of a Drama for "Ophelia," Outstanding Director of a Drama for "Ophelia," (Dustin Wills), Outstanding Production of a Comedy for "Black Snow," and Outstanding Set Design for "Black Snow," (Lisa Laratta)) and also Rubber Repertory (Outstanding Ensemble Performance for "Mister Z Loves Company" and Outstanding Theatrical Event for "Casket of Passing Fancy," which I didn't work on and seriously regret not getting to experience).

Full list of winners can be found here.

Currently I'm swamped (ha ha) in "Murder Ballad Murder Mystery," but I hope to have something to say on the process of that show as well as some thoughts on the wrap up of "Autumn Spectre" with Divergence Vocal Theater......sometime next week.
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