Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Loss of Henry

On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, our 13 year old pain in the ass cat Henry died. He'd had cancer, and it got bad pretty quickly. We had him for three years, and he was well-loved by our friends as well as by us because he was so obnoxiously outgoing. If he wanted you to pet him, dammit you would pet him if he had to stand there and rub himself against your hand. He was also a great paperweight, doorstop, and world-champion at sitting.

In 2008 Henry became a fervent supporter of Barack Obama:

Henry firmly believed that black cats everywhere should be able to aspire to the presidency.

As evidenced by my previous entry, Henry loved to sit on random things. He was VERY adept at figuring out just what piece of paper was the most important thing you were working on at any giving moment. This is Henry sitting on the in-progress script for "Intermission" from 2007:

Just a couple of weeks before we lost him this video, called "Henry Drinks a Glass of Milk," made its way onto youtube. He was already losing a ton of weight but still very eager to have human food:

This video became popular enough to inspire fan art:

Our Christmas tree will have a little more water in it this year since Henry isn't here to drink it. He will be missed. A lot.
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