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Top Eleven Sources of Inspiration in 2009 and Resolutions for 2010.

Top Eleven Sources of Inspiration in 2009 and Resolutions for 2010.

1. "Ghostwritten," by David Mitchell.

2009 was not a reading-intensive year for me, I think I made it through just over a dozen books (compared to the over 40 books I read in 2008). This one book, however, has stuck with me. I loved Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas," and while this one isn't the piece of epic literature that "Cloud Atlas" is, it's haunting (and we know I like being haunted). I've only read it once, and it needs a second reading at the very least (as does "Cloud Atlas"), and its post-apocalyptic nature isn't apparent until the very end of the book but that's part of why the ending has so much impact.

On the subject of post-apocalyptic fiction, I'm stuck on it lately.

2. Leslie Jarmon, aka Bluewave Ogee.

Leslie knew how to make Second Life real, fun, accessible and useful for educators and artists. She was so inspirational in getting me to move…


This has been a difficult fall - not only did we lose Henry, but I lost two women in my life who have had a positive effect on me and on my work.

One was my grandmother who gave me an incredible gift a few years ago when she dug out tons of family photos, her family back in England, her parents, her aunts, her grandparents, and told stories about them all. I love those photos and hope at some point to really research my family. She was also one of the to-be-participants in "Omission," which is a lesson on not putting things like recording your grandmother telling her life story off until a more convenient time.

The other was Leslie Jarmon, who worked three floors below me in the tower and who I was just beginning to know and connect with on the "Eurydice" project. Apart from crossing paths with her frequently in the tower elevator, I met with her maybe three times, but her energy and love for Second Life was hugely inspirational for the project. Again, should…