Monday, December 14, 2009


This has been a difficult fall - not only did we lose Henry, but I lost two women in my life who have had a positive effect on me and on my work.

One was my grandmother who gave me an incredible gift a few years ago when she dug out tons of family photos, her family back in England, her parents, her aunts, her grandparents, and told stories about them all. I love those photos and hope at some point to really research my family. She was also one of the to-be-participants in "Omission," which is a lesson on not putting things like recording your grandmother telling her life story off until a more convenient time.

The other was Leslie Jarmon, who worked three floors below me in the tower and who I was just beginning to know and connect with on the "Eurydice" project. Apart from crossing paths with her frequently in the tower elevator, I met with her maybe three times, but her energy and love for Second Life was hugely inspirational for the project. Again, should've gotten to know her better, and sooner.

Good news: Misha Penton, Divergence Vocal Theater and I have been invited to create an installation/performance piece with the Creative Research Lab at UT Austin. We'll be creating this work in their space from the end of December through mid January, and the opening night of the exhibit will be January 23. We hope to feature a main chunk of the performance aspect that night, but even if you can only stop in to check it out at a time when we aren't there, the installation will also stand on its own outside the performance aspect. We're developing an opera piece based in Selkie mythology and the installation will be step in that process. The opera will premiere in spring 2010.
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