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Just gonna get my feet wet until I drown...

From a post I started writing on 1/16/2010:
"The Selkie Project has been a really organic creative process. Misha shares my lack of concern over not quite knowing what I'm doing, allowing work to exist and breathe and spontaneously become whatever it needs to be in that moment. The intention with The Selkie Project is to experiment on creating a longer operatic piece. We're starting this month with the hybrid installation-performance piece at the Creative Research Lab in Austin, and planning to move onto the next step of the project this spring in Houston. It's a really interesting way to begin creating a theatrical piece. We're creating an environment for something to happen in. The environment itself has evolved and morphed more than once in the past few weeks. We began last weekend by just sitting in the space and imagining what could happen there. I'm trying to imagine what the design process for a more traditional play would look like if we began…

The Selkie Project - in the news

I have an entry on process for this project, I swear I do because it's really been a fascinating process, but I haven't found the time to finish it yet. BUT. Misha Penton & I have been hard at work on our upcoming installation / performance hybrid piece, which opens Saturday at the Creative Research Lab in Austin. We've made it into both Houston and Austin papers, write-ups below:

Houston Examiner: Houston's Divergence Vocal Theater launches The Selkie Project in Austin

Austin Chronicle: "Selkie Project:" Comfortable in their Skins