Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Top Five Favorite LOST Memories

Tomorrow, LOST is all over. I'm so happy it's ending on its own terms - best decision they ever made - but I'm not ready to let go!! Here are the ways I will remember LOST:

1. At the end of season 1, I was working for Cincinnati Opera and staying in company-rented apartments. The week before the finale my television broke. I had to explain just how important it was to the company manager that my TV be replaced BY THAT CERTAIN NIGHT. And it was, and all was well. The last few minutes of season 1 were TERRIFYING. When the light came on on the others' boat, it was so bizarre, something that didn't belong in the show at all, a good sign they had done their jobs. I didn't see Walt's kidnapping coming at all - I don't know if others did, I remember everyone was so obsessed with the hatch and of course, we didn't see what was in the hatch. I was completely satisfied by the way that light on the others' boat frightened me.

2. I was in grad school through the first three seasons. I frequently had other grad students over to watch LOST each week. One of our professors one Wednesday heard us making plans and said, "If you have time to watch LOST, I'm not doing my job." We would have made time to watch LOST regardless of the work load.

3. My 1995 white Toyota has the following bumper stickers: "Not Penny's Boat," a Lookinglass station sign, "Who are we to argue with Taller Ghost Walt?" "see you in another life," and one that is the hieroglyphs we see when the counter runs out. That one is actually due to be replaced, it's almost totally faded. I think I wanted to be known as the girl who had the LOST car. I don't think I took it far enough though.

4. That Facebook thread that grew out of tagging with my friends' names a promo picture for season 6 that had all the current characters in it. 111 comments later I don't think any of us got anything productive done that day. Maybe I'll dig that up and take some screenshots of it.

5. Best LOST memory ever: Travis's vows at our wedding, when he said "I want to be your constant." Also, the audience reaction. Awesome.
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