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SL Wanderings.

I now own two pieces of land in SL, one of which is my house, and I've been geeking out on buying furniture for it. The other is the parcel I bought last year to use as a studio / sandbox / playground for all things Eurydice-related. I'm having fun with this again. And I'm a huge nerd.

And also - I've recently started following the SL artist Bryn Oh. Check out some of her work:

The Word for World is Forest.

Tonight I will be destroying (striking? taking down?) our first Forest. I'm actually feeling sad and mournful about it, which I think is part of the point, dealing with loss and destroying in a couple of hours what it took a month to create. I think that we had roughly 10-12 visits (and most visits included a second person) and the feedback we got from the project was so good.

It also constantly amazed me that people talked about their Forest visit like they were remembering childhood. I'm so grateful to have helped create something that inspired people to just play. The process of creating it was like play for me, too. Outside of this project I was dealing with stress, but it all went away when I was there and could lose myself in the world we were creating. That's not a feeling that I get with every project I take on.

Forest #2 is still looking for a home, after which the whole process will start again. If you know of any storage places in Austin willing to donat…

If you do nothing, it means nothing, and all those wild, wild feelings go to waste.


Katie is away until the beginning of July so I'm continuing to work on this project in her absence. I went out this afternoon to talk to several storage places in Austin and to hopefully nail down space for our second Forest. At one place I met with a guy who was really, really excited about the project and who is an artist himself - at another place, I got the response "now I've heard everything."

One thing I noticed while talking to both places is that they very much want to know WHAT you're storing. It's one of the first things (if not THE first thing) they asked. Renting storage space is apparently not like having a Swiss bank account or a safety deposit box. At least next time I'll be prepared to answer that question!

Both places I went to turned out to be nationwide chains. I don't know enough about storage spaces to know that "Public Storage" is not local. Both places have a lot of regulations and people…

And other things...

Since graduating with my MFA I've been working as a designer as steadily as someone with a full time "day job" can be. For a couple of reasons I have decided to NOT be teching any shows this summer - I still have projects lined up for the fall, so I'm still working, just not for any show that opens prior to September.

One of the reasons I want to do this is I want to give myself the chance to this summer to focus on a couple of projects that really feed my soul. I'm tempted to say I might not be able to take on ANY more work in 2010, but I know of a couple of projects I would jump on if I'm approached.

For the past couple of months I've been collaborating with Katie Pearl on a project that is an offshoot of a piece she's working on for next year with Lisa D'Amour. That piece is called How To Build A Forest; our project is FORESTS-IN-STORAGE. We're in the process of creating a series of installations around Austin (and outside of Austin, pe…