Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Since graduating with my MFA I've been working as a designer as steadily as someone with a full time "day job" can be. For a couple of reasons I have decided to NOT be teching any shows this summer - I still have projects lined up for the fall, so I'm still working, just not for any show that opens prior to September.

One of the reasons I want to do this is I want to give myself the chance to this summer to focus on a couple of projects that really feed my soul. I'm tempted to say I might not be able to take on ANY more work in 2010, but I know of a couple of projects I would jump on if I'm approached.

For the past couple of months I've been collaborating with Katie Pearl on a project that is an offshoot of a piece she's working on for next year with Lisa D'Amour. That piece is called How To Build A Forest; our project is FORESTS-IN-STORAGE. We're in the process of creating a series of installations around Austin (and outside of Austin, perhaps?) based on the idea of a time when forests need to be kept in storage, and created out of materials on hand and perhaps memory. We've got our first Forest open and have had some awesome feedback on it, and we're in the beginning stages of our second Forest (which involves finding a space for it first - if you have any suggestions of really awesome locally-managed climate-controlled storage units, let me know...I'm betting that "locally-managed" might be friendlier to artists trying to build a forest in their space). This project has been so good to me, and going to work on the Forest has often times felt like therapy. It's the second time this year I've wondered why more theatre designers don't start with a month of just sitting in the space and imagining what could be (please don't respond with telling me WHY we don't do that, I know why we don't do that, I'm just living in a fantasy for the few minutes that I think it would be an awesome way to start a design). We would go there whenever, work separately or together, try things, taken them down, try other things. It was relaxing. It was entirely without pressure or stress.

The website (and central source of information) for the project is
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