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Sweet Bunny Lovin'

Space between

I'm back in the ACTLab this semester, using my staff education benefit to enroll in the "Death" class. I was in "Dream & Delirium" back in spring of 2007 as a graduate student, this is only my second time there but three years have passed...that's kind of unbelievable.

The ACTLab is a 3 hour class meeting once a week whose discussions revolve around a chosen topic (this topic is death, if you hadn't figured that out). Three times during the semester we are to bring in projects related somehow to that topic. That's basically all the instruction we're given, other than no flame throwers, no epic poetry, and no jumping from one moving train to another. A project can be anything - a piece of art, performance, code, activity...I don't know. Anything. My cat could probably be a project if I could find a compelling reason for it.

We just wrapped up our first projects last week and I chose to use mine to begin some concept work on Eurydice. …