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I'm in the middle of drafting the "Carousel" light plot right now, which means that "Chess" is playing. I have a real OCD, but I have THOUSANDS of Megan-invented OCDs as well. One is how I train my brain to work to a certain CD, artist, etc. I find certain pieces of music become associated with certain activities, and then generally just stick to that activity/music combination until it's hard-wired into my brain. For example:

DRAFTING: Can only be done listening to the Actor's Fund concert performance of "Chess." (Travis is not a fan.)

CODING: Can only be done to the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack. Yes, that means I listen to the entire soundtrack every day at work.

FOCUS: Can only be done to Ziggy Stardust.

FOREST-ING: This isn't really official, but in the 10 months I've been involved in the FORESTS-IN-STORAGE project, I've also fallen in love with Veda Hille, and have worked on the installations while listening to her …