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Sleep No More NYC

One floor of the hotel had a bar, a creepy replica of the bar we were in when we first entered. No singing or drinks here. Hecate passed by me and stopped, and looked at me for a long time - a minute? Trust me, that's a minute that goes on forever. She then smiled, touched my neck and told me that she knew me, or recognized me, or was expecting me. Then she took me by the had and pulled me into a hall. She told me to wait where I was standing, that she had something for me, and then ducked into a room and shut the door behind her. I stood in that hallway for awhile, and I think I remembered there was a person in a black mask right next to me, so I would not have been able to follow her into that room. I didn't try to walk away, although I was pretty terrified, and wondered if the black mask person would try to stop me from leaving if I did. After awhile, Hecate came back out and took me by the hand again and led me into a small tea parlor. She removed my mask, sat me…