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2013 New Year's Resolutions

I'm happy to say that for the first time in YEARS I actually managed to keep several of last year's resolutions.  As a reward I'm making a few more for the upcoming year...

1.  Make my yoga practice a more integral part of my life - 2013 will be a yoga-centered year.  I'm setting an intention to work on learning bakasana this year.  I'm going to be reading Stephen Cope's Yoga and the Quest for the True Self starting January 1.  And my hope is that later this summer I'll be able to go on a weekend-long yoga retreat, something I have wanted to do for a decade now.  In August I will be celebrating 12 years of yoga practice and in 2013 I'm going to work on recommitting to it, remembering why it has been so important to me and helping to further my self-discovery with it.

2.  Meet financial goals for this year - something that I failed at last year.  One year from today, I want to be in a better position than I am in now.

3.  Pursue artistic opportunities an…

The Thanksgiving Post

101 Things I Have Been Thankful For This Year (in no particular order, don't whine once I start stream-of-consciousness-thanking and you're not at the top of the list)

1. Life, which has taught me amazing and beautiful and terrifying things this year. That's the best kind of year there is.

2. Crisis and strength, which combined made me make some good decisions about my life, career path, and health that I might not have otherwise made without them.

3. Travis, because I terrify him and drive him absolutely NUTS, and he's still here, and still supports me, and is still his awesome self.

4. The house we moved into a year ago this month and, without ever fully unpacking, made into a home. This has also taught us how little we need the stuff that's still in boxes in the garage.

5. Anna, who dragged me quite against my will into New Experiences this year, without which this year would have been VERY different.

6. The new friends who have become a solid part of my…

I know where the ring is NOT...

Last night was my second trip to the McKittrick Hotel and "Sleep No More" (first trip described in brief here).  Living in Texas makes seeing this show repeatedly a challenge, so even though I'm terribly obsessed with it I've only managed to actually see it twice.  I know that if I lived closer, that number would be much higher by now, and after last night I know I need to go back again.

I went with two of my oldest and closest friends who had both seen the show already.  As we rode the subway before the show, we compared notes from our previous visits to the McKittrick and tried to determine WHAT was on WHICH floor and how each one of us wanted to proceed.  I had been tossing around a couple of ideas for how I would spend my time - eventually these boiled down into Three Stated Sleep No More Goals: I really wanted to check out the forest and hut on the 5th floor, because last time I was there I was unable to get to it for some reason; I wanted to go through the Nar…

"Orchid Flotilla" Reviews

I just wanted to share a couple of great reviews that we've received for "The Orchid Flotilla:"

From Culturemap Austin: 
Glass Half Full Theatre's wordless journey: The Orchid Flotilla drifts through a sea of isolation 
And from Austin Examiner: Orchid Flotilla: Surreal and awe-inspiring look at life, love, birth, and death

And this would be my favorite part from the Examiner review: 

"The beauty of the flotilla is highlighted by the stunning lighting work by Megan Reilly, who follows the flow of the day, from the rich, deep shadows of morning to the glaring light of noon, and everything in between. Her true skill is shown later, when a huge storm springs up, brought to vivid life by her flashes of brilliant white lights."


I met this week with a director with whom I'm hoping to work on an upcoming project.  After talking about the project the conversation drifted around and at one point landed on the topic of social media.

I'm pretty well plugged in to everything.  A friend asked me if I chatted on yahoo and I think my response was "I everything."  I'm nowhere near the level of connectivity that Travis has, but I'm still on several social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and I have my own websites and blogs.  I also carry an iPhone around with me wherever I go, and can check email as well as all other sites at any point during the day.  Some of this is really and truly amazing.  Because I'm able to connect so frequently to so many people, I am constantly being introduced to new ideas and art.  I'm aware of movies that I never would have otherwise known about and have participated in a few really fun online communities and activities (including,…

Want Travis to tattoo your name on his leg?

Currently I'm in tech for two shows, "Phineas" with Paper Moon Rep and "Messenger No. 4" with Cambiare Productions.  The actual titles for these shows are considerably longer than I care to type, so if you're interested in learning more, clicky the links.  Two very different shows, both well worth seeing and I will be so, so glad once they are open!

Cambiare Productions is the theater company started by my partner, Travis Bedard, and friends.  Yesterday Travis and Cambiare created a Kickstarter page for the project and in case anyone who read this blog after googling "rooney mara" and "naked" is interested in supporting some of the work I'm involved in, here it is:

Kickstarter: Messenger No. 4 (or... How to Survive A Greek Tragedy)

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, donations of any amount are welcome, even if it's only $1.  And donations at different levels will be rewarded!   In a stunning of move of "I Don't Have To A…

That sigh of relief you heard coming from south Austin? That was me.

Like most artists I work a day job.  Or, at least, I did.  I lost my day job in November and have been unemployed since then.

You would think, as I did, that being unemployed would lead to huge bouts of creative inspiration and productivity.  After all, you suddenly have eight extra hours per day to devote to all those projects.  That's not what happens.

Here is a list of what you ACTUALLY devote your time to:

Sitting on the couch.
Watching entire seasons of any TV show you can stand.
Job hunting.
Getting depressed over job hunting.
Going into therapy over job hunting.
More job hunting.
Restarting random cross stitch projects you forgot about years ago.
Playing computer games.
Getting carpal tunnel while playing Mario Kart.
Reading lots of mindless books.  Romances.  Porn.  Fluff.  Not the books that are sitting on your shelf, waiting to be read.
Reading LOTS of internet.
Wondering how long it will be before you start speaking the same language as the cats.
Watching dishes pile u…