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Want Travis to tattoo your name on his leg?

Currently I'm in tech for two shows, "Phineas" with Paper Moon Rep and "Messenger No. 4" with Cambiare Productions.  The actual titles for these shows are considerably longer than I care to type, so if you're interested in learning more, clicky the links.  Two very different shows, both well worth seeing and I will be so, so glad once they are open!

Cambiare Productions is the theater company started by my partner, Travis Bedard, and friends.  Yesterday Travis and Cambiare created a Kickstarter page for the project and in case anyone who read this blog after googling "rooney mara" and "naked" is interested in supporting some of the work I'm involved in, here it is:

Kickstarter: Messenger No. 4 (or... How to Survive A Greek Tragedy)

As with all Kickstarter campaigns, donations of any amount are welcome, even if it's only $1.  And donations at different levels will be rewarded!   In a stunning of move of "I Don't Have To A…