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I met this week with a director with whom I'm hoping to work on an upcoming project.  After talking about the project the conversation drifted around and at one point landed on the topic of social media.

I'm pretty well plugged in to everything.  A friend asked me if I chatted on yahoo and I think my response was "I everything."  I'm nowhere near the level of connectivity that Travis has, but I'm still on several social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and I have my own websites and blogs.  I also carry an iPhone around with me wherever I go, and can check email as well as all other sites at any point during the day.  Some of this is really and truly amazing.  Because I'm able to connect so frequently to so many people, I am constantly being introduced to new ideas and art.  I'm aware of movies that I never would have otherwise known about and have participated in a few really fun online communities and activities (including,…