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The Thanksgiving Post

101 Things I Have Been Thankful For This Year (in no particular order, don't whine once I start stream-of-consciousness-thanking and you're not at the top of the list)

1. Life, which has taught me amazing and beautiful and terrifying things this year. That's the best kind of year there is.

2. Crisis and strength, which combined made me make some good decisions about my life, career path, and health that I might not have otherwise made without them.

3. Travis, because I terrify him and drive him absolutely NUTS, and he's still here, and still supports me, and is still his awesome self.

4. The house we moved into a year ago this month and, without ever fully unpacking, made into a home. This has also taught us how little we need the stuff that's still in boxes in the garage.

5. Anna, who dragged me quite against my will into New Experiences this year, without which this year would have been VERY different.

6. The new friends who have become a solid part of my…