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Research partner.

The big exciting news in my world this month has been that this little guy - or girl - has decided to live on our back deck.  Much to the chagrin of Sansa and Asha, I've been slowly getting him/her to trust me by sitting out on the back deck in the evenings while he/she eats.

We are slowly getting there.  And, as you can see, I have plenty of research and reading to be doing while I'm out there, building trust.

I am absolutely addicted to books.  Travis has made half-hearted attempts in the past to get me interested in having a Kindle, but honestly, I just want the actual, physical BOOK, the pages in my hands.  And an upcoming show involving a culture about which I know very little is the perfect excuse to add to my collection.  Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut arrived today, and I'm waiting on others.

Call it multitasking - reading and research for a show while getting a kitten to trust me.  I hope that if he/she has a home, I'll be able to find the owner, thou…

Marfa Adventures.

When I was in graduate school at UT Austin years ago, I was constantly hearing about how awesome Marfa was for seeing art.  It took nine years of living here for us to finally journey all the way out there to check it out.

Driving there all day on a Friday, it seemed like an unlikely place to see art, but having spent 99.99% of my time in Texas in the bigger cities it was great to finally see what other areas of this gigantic state look like.  After arriving on Friday we drove out to the McDonald Observatory to see whatever stars and planets they could show us that night (we saw Saturn!), and it's just stunning what getting away from light pollution and experiencing true darkness will do for your view of the night sky. 

On Saturday we took the full collection tour at the Chinati Foundation, which went from about 10:30am-4pm.  What struck me the most about this experience was the site-specificity involved in this collection - there was an intentionality to the placement of THIS art…

On Caring.

We recently held our first design meeting for “Sila,” which is being produced at UNH in February 2014.Early design meetings equals a lot of discussion of themes, imagery, and this conversation went on for over two hours with a lot of material being discussed and ground being covered.
“Sila” by Chantal Bilodeau deals with Inuit issues surrounding climate change.Instead of just dealing with climate change from a western perspective, or even a purely scientific one, as I am used to, it delves into how the issue and the conversation surrounding it affects those living closest to the Arctic.I was studying to be a scientist before I became a theater artist, and probably would have gone into conservation biology had I stuck with it, so when it comes to dealing with this and many, many other issues I am extremely pro-science.Does the science support it?Are there peer-reviewed papers in reputable journals on the subject?Where is the information I’m currently receiving coming from – the media?A …