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Five Things: Updates from "The Head" Tech, part 2

The entire Reilly-Bedard household is still in tech - opening night is tomorrow.  Limited brain space means another quick "five things" post this week.

1.  Myst is 20, and there's a great article about its legacy.  There's actually a much longer, more in depth blog post in my head about Myst, gaming, and its connection to my lighting design career and love of certain kinds of theater.  Keating sent this my way earlier this week and it took me back to freshman year, playing this game on a friend's Apple computer in Scott Hall at UNH.  Myst, for me, led to Riven, Zork: Nemesis and all the old Zork games, interactive fiction, eventually The Beast, which directly relates to my love of Sleep No More and new media art.  My roots as an artist extend back 20 years to that island. 

2.  Fantastic Fest is going on in Austin right now, and they're showing Escape From Tomorrow, and I'm in tech!  I've been waiting to see this for months.  While I'm so happy th…

Five Things: Updates From "The Head" Tech

I'm currently in tech for Trouble Puppet's production "The Head," which opens next Thursday, September 26.  You should see it, it's a ton of fun.  Five brief snippets from this week:

1.  Barbara Kingsolver's novel The Lacuna is just fantastic - art, politics, social justice, cultural identity.  Tomorrow is a full day off from the show, and supposedly it's going to be pouring rain outside, and I plan to spend the whole day indoors with cats and this book.

2.  The Kitten Formerly Known as Jon Snow is now the kitten named Ygritte.  Because she was a girl.  She now lives with us, indoors, and it's pretty awesome, except that both Travis and I are in tech for "The Head" right now, which leaves 5 month old ball-of-energy Ygritte at home with no one to entertain her.  We get home at 11:30pm from rehearsal each night, and she's all "OMG TIME TO PLAY!!" and we're all no, seriously, bed.  Never, ever bring a kitten home on purpose wh…

Creating in an Analog Way.

This morning on the drive in to work, I listened to the most recent Radiolab podcast, which was a brief overview of the band Dawn of Midi.  Their music began with these sort of unstructured improvisation sessions and grew into something completely different because the members of the band were listening to different kinds of music from all over the world.  That music seeped in to their work and their music evolved because of it (research!).  I was completely fascinated by their music before they got to the best part of the piece:

"I think that something is going on in the world right now, the last 10-15 years, you see it in a lot of fields right now...people doing things "in an analog way" that, ten years ago, would have been assumed absolutely impossible without the aid of technology.  You see it from big wave surfers who found out they could ride huge waves if they have jet skis to pull them into these waves, and now they're saying "hey wait a minute, we could…