Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Five Things: Updates from "The Head" Tech, part 2

The entire Reilly-Bedard household is still in tech - opening night is tomorrow.  Limited brain space means another quick "five things" post this week.

1.  Myst is 20, and there's a great article about its legacy.  There's actually a much longer, more in depth blog post in my head about Myst, gaming, and its connection to my lighting design career and love of certain kinds of theater.  Keating sent this my way earlier this week and it took me back to freshman year, playing this game on a friend's Apple computer in Scott Hall at UNH.  Myst, for me, led to Riven, Zork: Nemesis and all the old Zork games, interactive fiction, eventually The Beast, which directly relates to my love of Sleep No More and new media art.  My roots as an artist extend back 20 years to that island. 

2.  Fantastic Fest is going on in Austin right now, and they're showing Escape From Tomorrow, and I'm in tech!  I've been waiting to see this for months.  While I'm so happy that it seems like this movie is gaining wider release, great reviews and an audience, waiting for a showing of it that I can actually attend involves holding my breath and crossing my fingers that a certain major corporation doesn't pursue a lawsuit first...

3.  I'm immersing myself in anything and everything that feels like the arctic to me as part of my research for "Sila."  My favorite thing found so far?  This series of photos, "Vanishing Spirits," by Ernie Button.

4.  Did you know that overactive kittens left alone all day long because their owners are in tech can contribute to sleepless nights?  For three nights now I have woken to a very needy, purring kitten licking my face.  Other than this behavior, Ygritte is doing really well in our house and things are starting to calm down with Sansa and Asha.  Here is a photo of Ygritte helping me with paperwork for "The Head:

5.  Finally, if you're in/near/around/inclined to visit Austin in the next few weeks, come see the hard work of a ton of great artists (including Travis and myself) in Trouble Puppet's latest production, "The Head," which opens tomorrow night!  Tickets can be purchased here.
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