Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Things: Updates From "The Head" Tech

I'm currently in tech for Trouble Puppet's production "The Head," which opens next Thursday, September 26.  You should see it, it's a ton of fun.  Five brief snippets from this week:

1.  Barbara Kingsolver's novel The Lacuna is just fantastic - art, politics, social justice, cultural identity.  Tomorrow is a full day off from the show, and supposedly it's going to be pouring rain outside, and I plan to spend the whole day indoors with cats and this book.

2.  The Kitten Formerly Known as Jon Snow is now the kitten named Ygritte.  Because she was a girl.  She now lives with us, indoors, and it's pretty awesome, except that both Travis and I are in tech for "The Head" right now, which leaves 5 month old ball-of-energy Ygritte at home with no one to entertain her.  We get home at 11:30pm from rehearsal each night, and she's all "OMG TIME TO PLAY!!" and we're all no, seriously, bed.  Never, ever bring a kitten home on purpose when you and your partner are going to be in tech; wait until the show opens.  Ygritte chose us and chose us at this specific time, so I don't feel too badly.  She likes to bite my toes and sit on my face if I am not playing or cuddling enough.

3.  I've been thinking a lot this week about the tendency that many people have to cut down other people who work to create something in their lives.  Some of this stems from having to dig up David Wong's great piece on, which addresses this specifically and calls out its own comments section as an example.  And some of it is because of this critique of CrossFit, and critiques of CrossFit always sound to me like they are coming from people who would rather sit on the couch and criticize anyone wanting to be fit (I don't know if this one specifically does).  There's a longer blog post in my head somewhere, when I have time and energy to think through it.

4.  I'm currently following the ARG "The Blackhollow Project" - just watching for now as it has already been going on for two months, but isn't so complex that it's impossible to catch up and follow the story pretty quickly.  REALLY wish someone would create an Austin-centered ARG!

5.  If you get a chance, check out Penfold Theatre's production of "Red," which closes September 29 and is DEFINITELY worth your time.  And I was pleasantly surprised to see that a colleague of mine from grad school designed the set!

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