Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Five Things: Updates from Dance Tech

I'm in tech for the Choreographers' Showcase at ACC this week, and catching up on Thanksgiving thoughts.

Five experiences for which I've been immensely grateful this year:

1.  The weekend-long out-of-town trips that I took with Travis this year (to Dallas and Marfa) and also with Travis & Will (to Houston).  They're like miniature vacations for people who don't currently have the resources to take longer, actual vacations to far away places.  They pull me away from my routine and root me in the present.  Favorite memories include seeing the night sky at McDonald Observatory, standing inside a Turrell installation, running through the corridors of a Dan Flavin installation, eating Indian food on top of pizza, swimming at Balmorhea.
Us at Balmorhea.

2.  Designing "Invisible Inc" for Hidden Room Theater in January, and having Daphne Mir fly out to visit and work as my amazing assistant.  Having a good friend staying with us for a week while also making my job easier and allowing me to concentrate solely on the design - it's one of my favorite theater experiences to date.

3.  Designing "Bus Stop" for Texas A&M Department of Performance Studies - I really treasure the times I am able to design for university theater departments while also interacting and working with the undergraduate students.

4.  The time spent at the state capitol this past summer - the experience of being present at Wendy Davis's filibuster and being a part of the "citizen's filibuster."  Progressives and liberals in someplace like Texas can very easily feel powerless.  This was a moment that proved we could have an effect, and inspired people to come together and fight for women's rights in the year ahead, and possibly through the next election.

5.  Becoming friends with the kitten that decided she lived under our deck - Ygritte has now living happily (for the most part) indoors with us for over two months and we've become really close.
Happy indoor kitty.

Also, if you're interested the dancers at ACC have a blog called A Community of Dancers, and they're writing about their experiences with this week's performance.
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