Friday, October 10, 2014

Top 5 Pieces of Theater I Wish I Could See.

Yesterday I saw the news that Punchdrunk is planning an immersive theatrical experience in Los Angeles. A trip to LA, at some unidentifiable time in the future when I have more money and time off, seems completely doable, much more so than London. Within the past year there have been so many productions that I've been unable to see, because I am in Austin Texas and they are in Elsewhere. Aside from "The Drowned Man," here are a few others for which I would have happily bought a plane ticket, had it been possible:

1."Imagining O." This, more than anything else, I wanted/want to see - I hope that it's restaged or remounted at some point because I would happily travel to see it. The idea of an immersive Story of O...I don't know if I've heard of another work being developed as immersive theater that has intrigued me so much and made me wonder just how far the artists were going to push the boundaries of the audience members. And, as an aside, I would LOVE to create a performance inspired by O myself, as I think there's an interesting feminist take to be had there. Because as brilliant as Schechner is and as much as I want to see this piece, I am far more interested in a woman's perspective and voice on Reage's novel (the first piece of published erotica written by a woman? or at least with a fascinating backstory about the writer's identity and outrage around its subject matter) than I am in a man's. I've been brainstorming a couple of things and merging "O" with other images, stories, pieces of literature that I love. I don't know if it's "immersive" or "performance art" or installation but I've wanted to say SOMETHING about this book ever since I discovered it tucked away in props storage at Surflight Theater back in 2000. This is one of those projects that will probably kick around in my brain for a couple of years until I'm someday in the right place, financially and geographically and mentally, to create it.

"Imagining O"

2. "BrainExplode!" It's not really an immersive piece but definitely one in which the audience gets to exert some control over the play, using game mechanics in a fascinating way. I heard about this piece over the summer, and it was just one of those huge YES moments. The concept is so ridiculously simple and elegant. I would see this several times, and probably most of those would be just to watch the audience.

3. "STRATA." This piece was on the cover of American Theater Magazine last summer and wasn't around long enough for me to hop on a plane to Pittsburgh for it. The design is what struck me first, the image on the cover of the magazine was beautiful and I'm a huge sucker for immersive/interactive/non-linear work that is well-designed. Furthermore, STRATA played with giving the audience members a degree of agency over their journey that actually led to a number of different ways the show could progress.

4. "Fifth Column." If this extends...oh god. I'm going to London. Or moving there. I mean, all I hear about London theater lately are experiences like this. PS, my birthday is coming up, and they have the perfect one-of-a-kind gift.

5. "Ring." I saw this group's piece "The Bench" at Fusebox a couple of years back, and it was probably the first piece of theater I experienced that involved the "audience" wearing headphones and taking instruction on what to do next as the "performer." "Ring" dispenses with the visual elements entirely and leaves the audience with only sound and darkness.

 And also...
6. "GamerGate! The Musical." Please, dear god, someone make this.
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