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Five Things: Updates from Water by the Spoonful Tech.

I'm in tech for my last show before the big move, which happens in just over a month. I have an Austin "bucket list," though I don't know that I will get to everything on it before August 9. Eleven years here and I've never been to Barton Springs and never seen the bats on the South Congress bridge. And I'm running out of time and weekends to do these things.

I'm also thinking a lot about the things I will miss about Austin and Texas. I've lived here longer than any other city, excluding where I grew up. We aren't leaving for good - I'm already contracted for a couple of designs in Texas next year - so I know that I will be revisiting these, but here are the current top five things I'm going to miss, in absolutely no particular order.

1. Texas summers. This is actually a new love of mine and it grew slowly over the past three or four years, probably since the first time we went tubing. The summers after that have all had adventures of some…

Somewhat Off-Topic Rant On Online Personal Responsibility.

"Turn off the internet, combine all the things that you love in the world, take some time, and you might come up with something special that is lasting." - John Cameron Mitchell, Sunday night's Tony Awards

It's really hard for me to be around online culture these days and not feel that it would be better for me (my heart, soul, mind, health, well-being, creativity) if I wasn't connected at all.

This realization really started with two events last August. The first was Michael Brown's death and the subsequent events in Ferguson, MO. In the wake of that, many voices sprung up online to express anger and frustration (rightfully so) over how our country and our law enforcement handles race. I started following many of them on Twitter. The second was the GamerGate debacle that began maybe a week or two after that. Again, angry voices sprung up, and I followed some on Twitter. My investment in HB2 and the Wendy Davis filibuster in 2013 had brought a lot of online …


Travis and I have already announced this in a bunch of places, but this week it became officially official - this August we will be moving to St. Paul, MN where I have accepted a position teaching performance design at Macalester College!

I'm very excited for this job and for us to begin this new chapter in our lives (the cats aren't all that excited). But, there are many things that I will miss about Austin. This town has been my home for nearly 11 years. I don't know how we will go to normal movie theaters or where we will eat barbecue or Tex-Mex. Austin has changed so much in the time that we have been here, though, and lately I've been sounding like a Get-SXSW-Off-My-Lawn veteran Austinite.

It is our plan to continue the relationships we have in Austin and to come back as often as possible for creative work. It would be a dream come true to be able to call both cities our home bases (except live full time in the one where the cost of living isn't quadrupling e…

Five Things: Notes After All of the Techs.

I have had a crazy three and a half months and have hit a three week window of lovely downtime. Catching up on reading, research for upcoming shows, games, hanging out with the cats, remembering that I have friends, and planning a very huge, very exciting, very SOON next chapter in our (Travis's, mine, the cats') lives.

1. Today is 4/8/15, and 4:23 flew by without me realizing the significance. In recognition and celebration of this auspicious day, which won't happen again for another 100 years, I direct you to Javier Grillo-Marxuach's "The Lost Will and Testament of Javier Grillo-Marxuach." It's an absolutely lovely piece about the show's early process and the creative process in general, and a sort of answer to those people who want black-and-white, who want to know yes-or-no, did you make it up as you went along? Because art doesn't work that way. LOST has a huge part of my heart. LOST reminds me of grad school, and inviting people over for piz…