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Somewhat Off-Topic Rant On Online Personal Responsibility.

"Turn off the internet, combine all the things that you love in the world, take some time, and you might come up with something special that is lasting." - John Cameron Mitchell, Sunday night's Tony Awards

It's really hard for me to be around online culture these days and not feel that it would be better for me (my heart, soul, mind, health, well-being, creativity) if I wasn't connected at all.

This realization really started with two events last August. The first was Michael Brown's death and the subsequent events in Ferguson, MO. In the wake of that, many voices sprung up online to express anger and frustration (rightfully so) over how our country and our law enforcement handles race. I started following many of them on Twitter. The second was the GamerGate debacle that began maybe a week or two after that. Again, angry voices sprung up, and I followed some on Twitter. My investment in HB2 and the Wendy Davis filibuster in 2013 had brought a lot of online …