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Five Things: Updates from Water by the Spoonful Tech.

I'm in tech for my last show before the big move, which happens in just over a month. I have an Austin "bucket list," though I don't know that I will get to everything on it before August 9. Eleven years here and I've never been to Barton Springs and never seen the bats on the South Congress bridge. And I'm running out of time and weekends to do these things.

I'm also thinking a lot about the things I will miss about Austin and Texas. I've lived here longer than any other city, excluding where I grew up. We aren't leaving for good - I'm already contracted for a couple of designs in Texas next year - so I know that I will be revisiting these, but here are the current top five things I'm going to miss, in absolutely no particular order.

1. Texas summers. This is actually a new love of mine and it grew slowly over the past three or four years, probably since the first time we went tubing. The summers after that have all had adventures of some…