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Another Tension Experience Update (& Meta-ish Thoughts)

Yesterday something pretty amazing happened within the world of The Tension Experience and I wanted to write about it even though it didn't happen to me. To me, this event represented a significant step forward in the [whatever-this-experience-is] because it did NOT happen in Los Angeles.

Early evening central time, Tension started broadcasting on Periscope from an unknown park. It took everyone awhile to figure out where this park was located, because it wasn't local to LA - most of the time the ones in LA they are able to figure out quickly, because the bulk of the participants live there, and the videos usually zoom in on a landmark or sign identifying the place. This video began with a close up of a photograph of this statue - which is in Kansas City. I should also mention that the video was addressed to a specific participant "M." M., like me, is located in the midwest, actually fairly close to Kansas City. As the broadcast went on, we saw a path through a park …

The Day WE Shook the Capitol

June 25, 2013 - The day I posted 76 times on Facebook over the course of 7 hours from the same seat in the Texas senate gallery. I took my seat sometime around 5pm and there came a point where they locked the doors - if I got up to pee, get water, eat, I wouldn't be allowed back in. That, of course, was nothing compared to what Wendy Davis was going through. She had been on her feet the entire day, filibustering SB5 (which later became known as HB2). This bill ushered in some of the most draconian, restrictive measures to abortion access in the entire country, and the gallery was full of women wearing orange who were there to support Davis in her efforts.

She just had to talk until midnight.

Filibusters in Texas are more of an ordeal than elsewhere. More rules to follow. More difficult. This wasn't a case of Davis opening up the phone book and reading until the clock ran out. She had to stay on her feet, on topic, without assistance, without leaning on her desk, without......

Immersive Adventures in Los Angeles Part 3 - "The Day Shall Declare It"

On Friday of my Los Angeles trip, I went to see Wilderness's immersive theatre production "The Day Shall Declare It." I'd heard many, many, many positive reviews and recommendations of this show and my expectations were fairly high. I'd also bought the "Tennessee" ticket, which was billed as only for the adventurous (whatever that means - to go see any immersive theatre you have to be a LITTLE adventurous). Because I'd heard my friend Mike's podcast reviewing the show before I got on a plane (he co-hosts My Haunt Life with Russell Eaton) I knew that I'd basically "bought" a one-on-one. I'm perfectly fine with that.

My first thought upon entering the space was - do all immersive shows have to take place in the same time period? Are we just able to source props/sets/costumes quickly and easily, and create those environments more readily than others? Maybe I'm being unfair, I just felt like I'd walked straight into "S…

Immersive Adventures in Los Angeles Part 2 - THE TENSION EXPERIENCE, CONT.

Sunday morning I had a message that said I was going to be getting an address for a meeting on Monday. This came from Aleister, who has been in touch with me regularly throughout the time I've been part of the OOA. Sunday night several participants I met through The Tension Experience (we really have formed a community of friends through this) met at the Santa Monica Pier after dark. For me it was my first time meeting any of them face to face.

We were in silly moods. Something called The Tension Experience sometimes seems to require a Release experience as well, and I think this was what that was. We were taking pictures, posting to Facebook, laughing, making fun of the people who were after us, who we had been warned were dangerous. And in the middle of that, my cell phone rang - No Caller ID. Everyone went completely silent.

I think Lauren spoke first and said "answer it! we're all here!" I just had NOT expected my phone to ring at that moment, surrounded by these…

Immersive Adventures in Los Angeles Part 1 - THE TENSION EXPERIENCE

Look at that. It's been an entire year since I last wrote. Oddly enough teaching kept me pretty busy this year, but now that it's summer hopefully I can have some adventures to write about.

This weekend I took a trip to Los Angeles for several reasons, all of which fall under some category of immersive or interactive theatre. I'm going to write about each of them, and if I'd started this last night I could have done it in order. Instead, I'm writing about The Tension Experience first, because I have a feeling that doing so with some urgency might serve me well.

The Tension Experience is, as far as I am able to tell at this point, an Alternate Reality Game fused with immersive & interactive theatre. Weird things happen, participants get contacted by characters via phone, live events occur, and we all meet up to discuss everything on forums. At this point I am not even sure how I heard about The Tension Experience. I think I read an article back in early April, an…