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Immersive Adventures in Chicago: "Learning Curve"

This is going to sound like a review, and I don't mean it to, but I need to rave about this show.

I was in Chicago from Thursday until yesterday for the 2016 ATHE conference (Association for Theatre in Higher Education) and I had put myself on the waiting list for tickets for "Learning Curve," the immersive theatre collaboration between Third Rail Projects, Albany Park Theatre Project, and the Chicago school district. It's been getting amazing reviews and its entire run has been sold out but there's an option to add yourself to the wait list for any given performance, which is what I did, and I got lucky. Actually, because the tickets were only $40, I ended up getting three because I had expected to pay over $100 (I just bought tickets to "The Grand Paradise" and they were over $100, as are tickets to "Then She Fell," and if they're not $100, tickets to "Sleep No More" are close). I found two other people two give those tickets t…