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It's the Circle of LUST...

Last year I was lucky enough to take part in something truly revolutionary in the world of performance with The Tension Experience, which I wrote about....a lot. A lot. Tension was centered in Los Angeles, and during the ARG portion "Indoctrination" there were very few participants not located in LA. I travel a lot, and made it a point to head out there on the hopes that I'd be able to be present for some fun, and I also got to meet many of the other people who were taking part.

The Tension Experience - from my perspective - was a 9 month long piece of immersive theatre that didn't end. I've heard the term "ongoing immersion" and that seems apt. The "ARG" relied more heavily on performance elements than any other ARG that I'm aware of, and it threaded through the immersive production.

Tension ended rather violently in November, but we knew there was more to come, and that more to come is here - it's The Lust Experience. And it's ju…