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You Get What You Put In.

Once upon a time, I was lucky enough to design lights for Rubber Repertory, before Josh moved to Los Angeles and Matt moved to Shanghai. And we did this odd, amazing production called Biography of Physical Sensations. Designing lights for this was honestly the safest way to "see" it. Josh and Matt are very...original...when it comes to audience interactivity. For Biography, each audience member bought a ticket and selected a specific size chair. Your chair size determined your level of participation - small chairs meant you were willing to dip your toes in the water, medium meant you were willing to wade in, and large chairs meant you were diving headfirst into the deep end of the pool, hoping it was filled with water. I never chose anything above a small chair. I knew what awaited the people in the others.

I don't want to go into a big thing about what exactly Biography was, because there are plenty of articles out there on it, but I can say that the experience of works…

Five Things: Notes from While You Were Out Tech

1. It's April, and now that I've been in Minnesota for almost two years I am learning that April means I'm about ready to peel my own skin off if it means I can see some sun and some warm weather soon. I am missing Texas, again, and that memory thing on Facebook decided to show me this the other day:

I know that when we moved to Texas from San Francisco I didn't love it, and so I try to remember just how long it took me to fall in love with the Lone Star State. It's difficult to imagine feeling that way about Minnesota right now, when everything feels cold, damp, and grey all the time. But I know that when May broke last year it was amazing. I'm just holding on for that. Hopefully the rest - the part where I do fall in love with the state - will come in time, just like it did with Texas.

2. Once this show is open and I have some down time (not much, since I'm moving straight on to Mary Poppins) I am having a serious talk with myself about why it is I need t…

Five Things: Notes from Acute Care Tech

1. Jason Tremblay and I went to grad school together at UT Austin. He was an MFA playwriting candidate while I was in design. His play Katrina: The Girl Who Wanted Her Name Back was first produced at UT our final year there. I think that was the year I was on the play selection committee, too. I found out this afternoon that he died this morning. This was a shock to me - he wasn't a close friend though we were both a part of the Austin theater community for years and years, friends of mine had produced his work, and I had bumped into him again when I began to design for ACC. He was one of three Austin theater makers who have been battling cancer on and off for a number of years, and I think that's what hits me the hardest - since I heard the news, part of me has been thinking quietly one down, two to go. Given Travis's recent heart attack, I'm coming to realize that even people our age die.

2. And I am now the age my mother was when she died of cancer. The unknown qua…