Friday, April 14, 2017

Five Things: Notes from While You Were Out Tech

1. It's April, and now that I've been in Minnesota for almost two years I am learning that April means I'm about ready to peel my own skin off if it means I can see some sun and some warm weather soon. I am missing Texas, again, and that memory thing on Facebook decided to show me this the other day:

I know that when we moved to Texas from San Francisco I didn't love it, and so I try to remember just how long it took me to fall in love with the Lone Star State. It's difficult to imagine feeling that way about Minnesota right now, when everything feels cold, damp, and grey all the time. But I know that when May broke last year it was amazing. I'm just holding on for that. Hopefully the rest - the part where I do fall in love with the state - will come in time, just like it did with Texas.

2. Once this show is open and I have some down time (not much, since I'm moving straight on to Mary Poppins) I am having a serious talk with myself about why it is I need to work all the time. Since starting at Macalester the work/life balance thing has gotten out of hand, and one thing I need to be much better with is boundaries, expectations, knowing and communicating both. It's been a really rough academic year, and I want to be able to take some time to actually relax and not feel the need to be distracted or busy or working for a few minutes.

3. This summer is going to be full of traveling, though, even if I can manage to do some of that. I'm heading to New Hampshire to design Mary Poppins for the Prescott Park Arts Festival in June, which is also a giant excuse to see friends, family, and work with people from college. If the schedule allows for it I might try to sneak down to NYC just to see Third Rail Project's new show Ghostlight. In July I'm heading to Los Angeles for a friend's wedding, then overseas and back to LA to see friends for a few days (and maybe interview with a theater company I've been wanting to work with - see - I can't stop working). It will be good to see all the UNH friends at the wedding, as well as Erica, Terami, and friends from The Tension Experience / The Lust Experience. Which, btw, is getting insane.

4. Overseas travel - TWICE this summer! While in Los Angeles I'll be flying to Taipei for a few days to World Stage Design 2017 and can't wait to see the design work from artists all over the world as well as the performances they have scheduled. I have never been to Asia and aside from our two excursions into Mexico on our cruise, it's been nine years since I've been outside the country. It'll be a fun/terrifying adventure. Then in August I'll be flying to Scotland to light Transmission, Ian Garrett's entry into the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It's an augmented reality/immersive theater piece about mankind's first contact with extraterrestrial life, and a podcast is being recorded to accompany it. I'm lighting the staged, ticketed portion but also helping out with the rest as needed.

5. The Lust Experience is, as I said, getting insane - it started off with a bang and has not let up, and I have to say, I have no idea where things are going but it feels like TPTB have seriously upped their game from last year. I have an article that I've been working on for awhile now about Tension that has been on the back burner because of school and All The Shows, and now that the semester is almost over I will be returning to that shortly and getting it ready to submit for publication. For the second year in a row this is some of the most exciting, challenging, and boundary-pushing theater I've ever experienced.
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