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Lust Experience Adventures Begin

The Lust Experience has begun - two incredible events have already taken place and I have already been blabbing to every performance studies person I can nail down to a chair for twenty minutes about what is transpiring.

As Amy Guerin said last year, "time to performance studies the shit outta this!"
The Book Release On March 15, a book release party was held for the commemorative glossy behind-the-scenes book about The Tension Experience at the OOA compound. This was seemingly advertised as a party and a last chance to say goodbye to the place where the immersive piece was held, and to socialize with old friends and cast members. Which is exactly what it seemed to be, in the beginning. I wasn't there, because my impromptu trips to Los Angeles will be curtailed somewhat this year (see last blog post) even if Travis doesn't entirely remember the last one. I saw friends posting photos of themselves seated on the stage (where I was sacrificed my first time through Ascen…

How much does a heart attack cost? And what does that have to do with NEA cuts and iPhones?

I have really and truly wrestled with writing this post. Two friends of mine in particular asked me to write it when I blew up at someone on the internet in a dumb internet moment a couple of months ago because I started spouting the numbers, and they said it would be important for people to know exactly what happened to us, and why, and what it cost in actual dollars.
What this is NOT This is not about politics, about Obamacare, about Trump or anything like that. This is about what happened to my husband and myself as a result of our choices. If you feel that you're in a position to pass judgement on us, please go right ahead. This is also NOT a plea for money. AT ALL.
What this IS If you're a person who thinks that this is something that happens to other people and it can't happen to are wrong, and you need to stop. We spend too much time assuming that this happens to *not us* because we are (fill in the blanks: hard working, responsible, stable, whatever). Yo…

The Ontology of Bryan (sorry, Bryan)

First of all I should say this discussion happened without ANY vodka. Really, it would have gone on much longer if vodka were involved.
Ever read Jeff Vandermeer’s “Annihilation?” Read it (and the rest of the Southern Reach Trilogy) before the movie comes out this year, trust me.I read the entire trilogy on a cruise ship while my husband and his friend went and did cruise ship things (including making fun of me for just reading).It’s about a group of scientists who investigate an area of land where strange things have started happening and then more strange things happen to them. And a certain amount of the “strange things” happening have to do with a self-annihilation, a negation of the self and becoming something other. It’s honestly terrifying.
I was discussing The Lust Experience today with a colleague of mine who is a performance theorist, and I was telling her specifically about the book release party, the events that happened after, Clint Sears and clint-sears, Darren’s disappe…

Five Things: USITT Road Trip to St. Louis!

1. Last week I drove three Macalester students to USITT in St. Louis, Missouri - an eight and a half hour drive which became about ten hours by the time we got there (taking in breaks, gas stops, etc.). What we learned along the way: the route that Google Maps claims is the quickest route may also be the scenic route - we basically toured America's Heartland, and didn't see an interstate for most of the drive. This may have been the fastest way but it was also a very frustrating way to go. Also, after years of Travis making fun of me for being "stuck in 2006" for using I-tunes and actually storing media on my phone, I used Spotify for the drive's long playlist...and, of course, lost reception somewhere in Iowa. However we FINALLY got there (there = Holiday Inn Downtown Convention Center which was right next to, you guessed it, the Convention Center), found food and crashed for the night.

2. Wednesday I attended a really amazing session called "Sketchup in th…